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A.Usmanov can earn more than $1,7 mlrd on IPO Facebook

Investment fund DST Global Limited of the Russian businessmen Yury Milnera and Alisher Usmanov has increased the offer of actions which he intends to realise during IPO social network Facebook, from 26,26 million to 45,66 million papers. The Internet - holding Mail. ru Group, also participating in IPO the American company, has increased the offer from 11,27 million to 19,60 million actions, follows from the updated prospectus of placing Facebook.
Considering that the range of the price of placing Facebook makes 34 - 38 dollars for the action, DST on the top border of a range can gain 1,74 mlrd dollars, Mail. ru Group - 745 million dollars
In case of full realisation of an option of resubscription DST Global will in addition sell 6,85 million actions of a social network, and Mail. ru Group - 2,94 million actions. Finally DST can gain 2 mlrd dollars, and Mail. ru - 857 million dollars
Now fund DST Global Limited directly and through various structures supervises 5,5 % of voting capital Facebook. Thus after IPO voting share DST will be reduced to 5,2 %, and taking into account the option realised completely - to 4,9 %. Mail. ru Group owns 3,1 % of the voting rights in Facebook, and after IPO its share will be reduced to 2,3 % (taking into account an option - to 2,2 %).
After corporate reorganisation in November 2010. Mail. ru Group (were Digital Sky Technologies) has ceased to be affilirovannoj with DST Global Limited and its structures, it is marked in materials Facebook. Thus it is known that company New Media Technologies (NMT) one of founders of fund DST, A.Usmanov, owns 25,3 % of share capital Mail. ru Group and 50,4 % of the voting rights.
meanwhile voting packages DST and Mail. ru practically do not give them possibility to influence decisions of board of directors Facebook as between these shareholders and chief executive Facebook Mark Tsukerbergom agreements, on which all actions belonging DST and Mail operate. ru, vote in favour of M.Tsukerberga on all questions, except share issue Facebook in the quantity exceeding 20 % of a share capital, and also decisions, which it is disproportionate and adversely essentially mention owners of these actions.
thus, taking into account all agreements after IPO M.Tsukerberg will actually supervise 55,8 % of voices in Facebook.
Earlier today it became known that Facebook has increased the offer of actions within the limits of coming IPO by 25 % - from 337,4 million to 421,2 million papers. Besides, the day before in connection with heightened interest of investors the range of the price of placing of actions which has made 34 - 38 dollars for the action has been changed. Before band cost of papers made 28 - 35 dollars All business Facebook can be estimated in 93 - 104 mlrd dollars - proceeding from the declared price range and expected quantity of actions after placing.
if actions Facebook will take place on the top border of a price range (38 dollars/ the action) and anderrajtery will execute an option in full, the company and its shareholders will involve more than 18,4 mlrd dollars
we Will notice that within the limits of IPO Facebook on a stock exchange actions of class A which grant the right to one voice are deduced only. Actions of class B correspond to 10 voices everyone and can be converted at any time in the action of class A from calculation 1:1. Within the limits of IPO the part of actions of class B belonging to selling shareholders, will be converted in the action of class A.
Anyway IPO Facebook will enter into ten the largest, becomes the most successful in the history IT - the industries, and also will far surpass IPO companies Google, spent in 2004. Then for 19,6 million the actions sold on 85 dollars for a piece, Google Inc. And its shareholders have gained only 1,67 mlrd dollars
we Will remind, carrying out IPO of a social network is expected on May, 18th 2012. Actions Facebook will bargain at stock exchange NASDAQ under ticker FB.
Facebook - one of the most popular social networks in the world, in it are registered more than 900 million persons. A staff - the company apartment is located in Menlo - Park (California). The quantity of active users Facebook which at least once a month comes into the account, makes not less than 845 million persons. It is expected that in 2012. The quantity of active users Facebook will be more than 1 billion