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The government and the State Duma count on expensive oil, planning the budget

the State Duma has approved in the first reading the bill making changes in the budget on 2012. The Bill has been developed by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and submitted for consideration the lower chamber by the government of the Russian Federation on May, 5th 2012.
According to offered amendments, the forecast at the mid-annual price for oil of mark Urals is raised with 100 to 115 dollars/ barr., at a mid-annual dollar exchange rate - with 28,7 to 29,2 rbl./ the dollars
Are supposed that incomes of the federal budget of the Russian Federation in 2012. Will make 12,7 trln rbl. (or 20,9 % of gross national product) against earlier planned 11,8 trln rbl. (20,1 % of gross national product). Thus oil and gas incomes following the results of current year are planned at a rate of 6,4 trln rbl. (against 5,6 trln rbl. earlier), not oil and gas incomes - 6,3 trln rbl. (before - 6,2 trln rbl.) .
Making comments on structure of incomes, the deputy minister of the finance Tatyana Nesterenko has noted: At us the budget practically 50 on 50 consists of the oil and gas and not oil and gas incomes, made changes in the budget lead to that as a whole from 897 mlrd rbl. of additional incomes 808,4 mlrd are oil and gas incomes which we predict to receive . Thus 500 mlrd rbl. of additional oil and gas incomes the government assumes to direct on reduction of loans, and remained 300 mlrd rbl. - to Reserve fund. it does steadier a design of the budget from the point of view of execution sources under expenses - has underlined T.Nesterenko.
In turn the first vice-president of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov has noticed that the changes offered by the government look risky enough. already today the price for oil more low, than 115 dollars For barrel and as it will develop within a year, of course, will predict difficultly enough - has declared the first vitse - the speaker. However, as he said, even if incomes will appear less expected, anything terrible does not happen, and shortage will be covered at the expense of the means directed to Reserve fund.
anyway changes positive some important problems both economic character, and social " also allow to solve; - A.Zhukov has told.
budget expenses, according to amendments, will make in 2012. 12,7 trln rbl. against 12,6 trln the rbl., planned initially. Additional expenses in a total sum 135,6 mlrd rbl. will be directed basically on the social purposes.
the greatest sum (43,4 mlrd rbl.) Additional assignments it is offered to direct on social security of separate categories of citizens and improvement of quality of life of the population, including 24,3 mlrd rbl. - on maintenance with habitation of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. On increase of payment and a monetary contentment of employees of law-enforcement bodies and workers of a fire service it is offered to direct 15,6 mlrd rbl., including 10,7 mlrd rbl. - on additional payments to employees of law-enforcement bodies of Moscow and Moscow Region.
the accepted amendments provide also reduction of deficiency of the federal budget with 1,5 to 0,1 % of gross national product. In absolute expression deficiency of the federal budget in 2012. Will make 68,1 mlrd rbl. against earlier put in the law on the budget 876,6 mlrd rbl.
we Will remind that Vladimir Putin, being the prime minister - the minister, declared that Russia to 2015. Should leave on the sufficient budget as even small deficiency for Russia taking into account dependence on a world conjuncture is a risk which is necessary for minimising.