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System yet has not made the decision on participation in privatisation OZK

AFK System yet has not made the decision on participation in dopemissii of the Incorporated grain company (OZK). About it today to journalists in Moscow within the limits of the international exhibition Communication - EkspoKomm - 2012 the basic owner, chairman of board of directors AFK " has informed; System Vladimir Yevtushenkov.
as he said, for AFK System OZK is not a brilliant where it is necessary to participate . There is no at us an internal decision in this respect that it is necessary - he has noted. On a question on application for participation in dopemissii V.Yevtushenkov has declared: Well also what? It about what does not speak, the internal decision is not present . He also has added that System yet has not received the official answer to the demand. As it was marked earlier, the demand Systems Has been submitted after end of term of giving of demands.
earlier this week Bazel has declared that is interested in purchase of share holding OZK. Privatization OZK for us is not any spontaneous decision. It is a strategy part on agrobusiness development. It very well lays down in this strategy - the operating director of management of agrobusiness " has underlined; the Base element Andrey Olejnik. Thus he has not answered, what of available actives and kompetentsy Kuban Agro will allow to create a synergy with strategy OZK on creation of an infrastructure for a conclusion of the Russian grain to the world market.
we will remind that OZK has been created for increase of investment appeal of agrarian sector and expansion of global competitive advantages of Russia in the food markets. It should be reached at the expense of development elevatornyh capacities, a transport and port infrastructure (from strategy OZK).
Andrey Olejnik also has declared that after application for participation in privatisation of the Incorporated grain company to group the Base element did not arrive any official information on this point in question.
the management " is primary; Three discussed participation in competition more than with 20 potential participants, however by the end of officially declared term of giving of documents has received only 6 demands - from group the Sum Zijavudina Magomedov, holding RusAgro Vadim Moshkovicha, the French trader Louis Dreyfus, the little-known companies bio - Tone and neftegazindustrija and also agroholding Kuban affilirovannogo with Oleg Deripaska.
So, already after all demands have been submitted, and the list of applicants is closed, the Reuters agency has informed that interest was stated by the Swiss trader Glencore earlier noted by grain gamble on the Russian drought 2010. It was thus informed what to participate in struggle for OZK it plans not directly, namely through Kuban O.Deripaska with whom the trader is the old partner on RUSALu.
the Russian government has accurate vision of what partner is necessary OZK. In our opinion, attraction of the strategic investor for placing dopemissii OZK is necessary. It is the first moment. The second, is necessary, that the given strategic investor had port capacities for transfer not less than 1 million tons of cargo. Still, in our opinion, it is very important, that it was the legal body of the Russian Federation, benefitsiarami which citizens also the Russian Federation " also are; - has commented on a situation a source in the Ministry of Agriculture.
conversations on privatisation OZK have begun still two years ago, and in the end 2010. The government has made the decision on sale of a part of shares of company through carrying out dopemissii with the subsequent sale on the closed subscription. The choice of a variant of the closed subscription in favour of the strategic investor has been caused by that public placing (IPO) actions OZK would cause a number of complexities: in - the first, for once it would not be possible to sell more than 20 - 30 % of shares of company, and in - the second, exit preparation on a stock exchange would need longer terms. As a result privatisation would begin not earlier than 2013., whereas the decree of the president provided sale in 2012.
Thus the main argument in favour of the closed subscription is what such way optimal for attraction of the strategic investor - partner OZK. This problem cannot be carried out at sale of actions in the open market: at IPO papers get to those who pays more. Fiscal function of privatisation, according to a state position, in a case dopemissii OZK is not main.
one of the carrying out purposes dopemissii on the closed subscription is also restriction on package transfer in OZK to the foreign capital that is caused by interests of food safety of the country. Interest to OZK was shown by large transnational traders, however them the resource base of the company as supplier of raw materials, instead of creation of the global player (actually the competitor) in the future interested first of all. For this reason the Ministry of Agriculture takes of a position according to which partner selection should be spent among the Russian companies which do not have thus the conflict of interests with the purposes and problems OZK.
the Three Has made the list of 20 companies working in the market of grain trading and logistics and corresponding to criteria OZK, and has carried on negotiations with the offer to express interest in purchase dopemissii OZK. The investment adviser has provided as much as possible transparent mechanism of illumination of the transaction for attraction of all interested investors. All from potential investors knew about possibility to express interest to dopemissii Open Society OZK procedure of the announcement of preliminary interest was as much as possible facilitated and had no administrative barriers . Terms of giving of demands have been accurately designated - from March, 5 till March, 20th, then demands were not accepted. Preliminary interest to participate in the transaction have expressed only 18 companies, however only 6 from them have presented about itself a package of disclosing of the information on the potential investor.
From 6 applicants submitting the application forms for participation in privatisation OZK, in a final part of competition as it became known in the beginning of March, left RusAgro the Belgorod senator Vadim Moshkovicha and group the Sum Zijavudina Magomedov. The question on the one who from them becomes the owner of 50 % a minus of one action OZK, will be already solved till the end of this month.