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Putin has offered to Bush a hand, but that fluctuated...

in the lock Brdo located in 30 km from Ljubljana, there has passed a meeting of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin with US president George Bush. Before a meeting on a terrace of the lock of the head of two states have shaken each other hands. However, as marks AR, Bush fluctuated, when Putin has declared that at it from a meeting has developed very good first impression . Then, searches of, Bush, in turn, has noticed that intends to spend very productive meeting which expected for a long time .
After that heads of two states have left for conversation behind the closed doors. The secretary of Security council Vladimir Rushajlo and the adviser of the head of the American state for national safety also took part in conversation Condoleeza Rice. Directly ahead of the beginning of negotiations in Crystal salon the lock Putin and Bush`s first personal meeting has taken place. After that negotiations in the expanded structure have begun: Minister for Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov, US state secretary Kolin Powell and two translators have joined delegation. After a meeting in narrow structure Putin and Bush have together made walk on park near to the lock
Passing by the press, the president of Russia on a question on in what language leaders of two countries talked, has answered: In English . Putin and Bush`s first meeting which passed in less wide structure proceeded longer planned on 40 - 45 minutes.
following the results of a meeting presidents of Russia and the USA have agreed to charge to Ministers of Defence and foreign affairs of two countries to continue without breaks discussion concerning strategic stability. As has declared on a press - conferences in Ljubljana Russian leader Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with George Bush there was an exchange of approaches on these subjects. The president of Russia has noticed that distinctions in positions of two countries are, and at once they cannot be overcome. However Russia and the USA have all possibilities for meaningful dialogue on these questions, Putin considers.
also, according to Putin, before a meeting with US president George Bush he counted on confidential conversation, however the validity has surpassed all expectations . Bush as the historian has offered a wide sight on world problems. During conversation as V.Putin has noted, heads of two states productively argued on the past, the present and the future of Russia and the USA. The president of Russia has noticed that Moscow and Washington are not opponents. On two countries responsibility for maintenance of peace and safety on a planet that means " lies; dense cooperation at the decision of all problems of a world policy.
In turn, according to US president George Bush, its meeting with Vladimir Putin has passed in open and business conditions. As the head of the American state has declared on a press - conferences, the connected States and Russia have general interests, and they bear the general responsibility for succession of events in the world . In our forces to make a planet of more safe - Bush has underlined, having noticed that will be glad to meet Putin in July. During negotiations the US president has invited the Russian leader to visit Washington, and the president of Russia has invited the head of the White house to arrive to Moscow. As Bush has noted, both invitations have been accepted.