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Russia intends to rent Baikonur for 50 years

Russia and Kazakhstan in the end 2003γ. - the beginning 2004γ. Will sign the agreement on prolongation of rent of the cosmodrome Baikonur for 50 years, head Russian aviation - space agency (CANCER) Yury Koptev has informed journalists. As he said, earlier it was planned that the agreement will be prolonged for 25 years.
“ we are not going to leave from Baikonur “ - has declared J.Koptev. - in spite of the fact that from the cosmodrome the Hen we can start rockets with useful loading of an order of 4 tons while from Baikonur of an order of 1,4 tons, there are many commercial projects of starts from the Kazakh cosmodrome “.
Besides, according to J.Kopteva, the project of starts of rockets from desert now is considered. Details of this project are not disclosed yet. As head of the CANCER, balance cost of the cosmodrome has noted Baikonur, by an estimation spent in 1994 - 1995γγ., makes 14 - 15 trln rbl.
cosmodrome Building “ Baikonur “ has begun in 1955 the First rocket firing with the cosmodrome has been made in August, 1957 For the past of 40 years on “ Baikonur “ it has been started more than 1100 space vehicles of different function and more than 100 intercontinental ballistic missiles, 38 basic types of rockets, more than 80 types of space vehicles and their updatings are tested. Today Baikonur is opened for world cooperation in the field of space development as the unique cosmodrome largest in Eurasia.