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NG : TVS the death sentence

Before switching-off TVS is taken out there are not few days, and, probably, few hours, writes today the Independent newspaper . It is possible to speak About it already with confidence - after in the eve of June holidays in the Ministry of Press the representative meeting on which the destiny " dared has taken place; the sixth button and Evgenie Kiselyov`s commands.
at meeting it was offered and rather radical decision is approved: to make the sixth channel sports, having transferred corresponding frequency from TVS to a neogenic broadcasting company Sports (holding VGTRK). Representatives of the Ministry of Press, representatives of the Moscow authorities have taken part In negotiations (supervising the Moscow TV set which has disconnected recently from TVS 3 million inhabitants of capital), and also the people who are engaged in the organisation of an announcement of the new sports channel.
at meeting, according to the newspaper, also there was also head Video - Interneshnl Yury Zapol who is going to sate in the shortest terms new the speaker advertising. Participants of meeting, discussing replacement of the speaker on to the sixth button referred to a certain written refusal of shareholders TVS of the claims for an announcement.
in turn, it is told in article, representatives of the company Sports have informed that have given guarantees to authorities of the capital, objazujas to liquidate a debt TVS in 8 mln. dollars before Rostelecom . It was supposed that sports on to the sixth button it will be established already on June, 12th, in Day of Russia. But someone from the conferring has decided to be reinsured and has stated sensible idea that on the eve of day of democracy it will be blow across the Kremlin: after all last broadcasting company independent of the state is closed actually. It is obvious that procedure of a strong-willed cedation of the channel without competition and without the licence can be apprehended a society as something antidemocratic.