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Relatives of victims have received on September, 11th 7 mlrd doll

Almost 7 billion dollars is paid relatives of victims at attack of terrorists to New York on September, 11th, 2001. It was declared by Kenneth Fejnberg, the manager of fund on payments of indemnifications.
on June, 15th - last day when people can address in fund with the request to indemnify a loss. During the following 6 - 8 weeks the Fund of the help to victims should finish on September, 11th payment of indemnifications to relatives of victims.
according to K.Fejnberga, money has received 7300 persons - that is 97 % of potential applicants. To each family which has lost the relative at wreck of skyscrapers of the World shopping centre, the special attention has been shown. On the average by each inquiry it has been paid more than 2 million dollars.
also the special sums have been allocated for those people who worked on ruins VTTS and have thus got various traumas. About it in Fund of payments 4400 applications from which 2675 have been satisfied have arrived. In this case payments varied from 500 dollars to 8 million 600 thousand dollars.