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Group MENATEP the guarantor of debts of YUKOS

Group MENATEP it becomes ready to give guarantees under tax requirements of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection to YUKOS. On it has informed a press - secretary Group MENATEP Yury Kotler.
he has specified that guarantees can be given YUKOS at a rate of participation Group MENATEP in authorised capital stock NK YUKOS .
we Will remind that on May, 26th of this year the court has satisfied the claim of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of the Russian Federation about collecting with NK YUKOS taxes in the sum 99,3 mlrd rbl. for 2000. However the oil company has brought an action the claim about invalidity of the decision of the ministry about charge of the given sum.
the destiny of the largest Russian NK excites now many. Concerning its future some outstanding figures have expressed. So, according to the head of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP) Arcady Volsky, YUKOS it will not be destroyed .
As he said, now at the head of the company there are skilled people he, therefore, believes, The company will survive . A.Volsky considers that concerning YUKOS bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor have made the inadmissible decision . So does not happen anywhere in other countries - A.Volsky has underlined.
in turn the vice-president of the State Duma Vladimir Katrenko, has specified that in case of start of the mechanism of bankruptcy NK or redistribution of share holdings of its basic shareholders the state will protect the rights of foreign investors. I am assured that the state in present position at the present approach of the power to business development, its formation and prospects, should is not simple, and in the general order will protect investors, irrespective of a territorial accessory - has underlined V.Katrenko.
the President of the Russian financial corporation (RFK) Andrey Nechaev considers that the best way for the state to protect the rights of foreign shareholders of YUKOS is not to admit bankruptcy of the company. As he said, only if the company keeps the activity, observance of interests of its shareholders as at procedure of bankruptcy of the right of shareholders are protected to a lesser degree is possible.
YUKOS incomes allow to pay off with huge debts under taxes, truth not in some months, and in longer terms - 1 - 2 years - considers A.Nechaev. As to possible redistribution of actions of the basic shareholders of YUKOS, it, according to president RFK, variant more comprehensible to shareholders. Truth here again all will depend on in what form will pass redistribution, and what damage will be put image of the company, has added A.Nechaev.
according to a member of bank committee of the State Duma of Vladimir Tarachev, minority shareholders at any outcome of proceeding on Open Society business NK YUKOS will not suffer any losses. The state cannot admit so an aggressive policy to shareholders of the largest Russian corporation, V.Tarachev has noted.
making comments on the information which has appeared in a foreign press that the YUKOS has proposed to exchange to the government of the Russian Federation a debt under taxes to transfer of a share of the company in state property, V.Tarachev has told: I do not think, that the state has begun the auction under offers of management of YUKOS, however is assured that claims will be localised to is industrial - economic activities of the company and interests of minority shareholders " be not infringed;. According to the deputy, in this situation it should be shown to the full capacity of legislative base, it is quite transparent providing interests of shareholders, including foreign .