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Europe has helped Georgia in billion

the European donors and the international organisations have allocated Georgia the help at a rate of 1 mlrd dollars Such decision it was accepted today in Bruxelles at conference of the states - donors and international financially - credit institutes, have informed in State office of Georgia.
this money during 2004 - 2006γγ. Will be directed on realisation of programs of development of power, an infrastructure, economy, overcoming of poverty, social rehabilitation, etc. In State office have noticed that it “ not the credit, and free aid “ thus the Eurocommission will carry out monitoring of an expenditure of means.
at conference in Bruxelles the prime minister - the minister of Georgia Zurab Zhvanija who has apologised has acted that Tbilisi asks money, but has assured that “ it last time “. According to representatives of the World bank, last revolutionary events in Georgia, serious economic programs of the government of the country, and also the first results of fight against corruption became the basis for help granting.
meanwhile, the situation round Georgian - the Osset conflict grows. Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the self-proclaimed republic South Ossetia has accused Georgia of conflict escalation. In the statement it is noticed that “ so-called “ humanitarian “ actions the Georgian party continues to increase the military presence at a zone Georgian - the Osset conflict “.
In the statement also it is underlined that illegal posts of Georgia in a conflict zone are not removed till now though the arrangement on their conclusion has been reached on June, 2nd of this year at a meeting of co-chairmen of the mixed supervisory commission. “ Thus the Georgian party shifts responsibility for intensity escalation on command of the mixed peacekeeping forces deployed in a zone of the conflict, or on a management of South Ossetia “ - it is marked in the statement.
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia also declares that building by Georgia of a highway in a detour of Tskhinvali is only an occasion to strengthen intensity in a conflict zone, instead of desire to deliver fertilizers and the foodstuffs to the region population as the Georgian party confirms.
thereupon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia declares that authorities of Georgia meaningly go on intensity escalation in Georgian - Osset relations and calls the Russian Federation and the world community to undertake all necessary efforts to adjust peace negotiating process between Tskhinvali and Tbilisi.