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MERT: Outflow of the capital from the Russian Federation in 2005. Will make $5 - 7 mlrd

Outflow of the capital of Russia in 2005. Will make at least 5 - 7 mlrd dollars, head MERT Herman Gref at session of the government of the Russian Federation has declared. As he said, experts estimate capital outflow in 2004. In some tens billions dollars. The minister has underlined that during the current year the tendency to capital outflow will remain.
earlier MERT the Russian Federation predicted that pure outflow of the capital from an economy private sector in 2005. Will remain approximately at level 2004. Also will make 7 - 9 mlrd dollars Experts MERT also noticed that the next years reduction of pure outflow of means will be defined by growth of foreign investments, and to 2007. The positive balance of inflow - outflow of the private capital is possible.
in these conditions a gain of currency reserves in 2005. It is predicted at level 48 - 50 mlrd dollars, at decrease in 2008. - to 16 - 29 mlrd dollars
In particular, according to Gref, Russia with 2007. Can turn from the pure exporter to the pure importer of the capital. Under forecasts MERT, in intermediate term prospect, according to the investment scenario of development of economy, growth of direct foreign investments can be tripled. Besides, according to the minister, certain influence on economy development will render the introduction of the country into the World Trade Organization.
G.Gref has reminded that in 2006. Creation of investment fund with a total sum of means in 69,7 mlrd rbl., in 2007 is planned. This sum will increase to 72,9 mlrd rbl., and to 2008. Will reach 73,2 mlrd rbl.
At the same time, the Ministry of Finance predicts outflow of the capital from Russia during the current year at level 4,8 mlrd dollars According to Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin, in 2006. Capital inflow whereas MERT predicts next year its outflow is already possible. we observe a tendency to decrease in outflow of the capital from the Russian Federation - A.Kudrin has told. It has reminded that in I quarter 2004. Outflow of the capital has made of the Russian Federation 4,2 mlrd dollars whereas in I quarter of current year outflow was equal all 900 million dollars
Pure inflow of the private capital to Russia, according to the Ministry of Finance, in 2006. It is expected at a rate of 1,5 mlrd dollars, in 2007. - 6,9 mlrd dollars, in 2008. - 11,6 mlrd dollars
we Will remind that in 2003. Capital outflow has made 1,9 mlrd dollars, in 2002. - 8,1 mlrd dollars, in 2001. - 15 mlrd dollars, in 2000. - 24,8 mlrd the dollars
Besides, should be noticed that Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation has kept the specified forecast of growth of gross national product of Russia following the results of 2005. At level of 5,8 %. Such data contains in the forecast socially - economic development of the Russian Federation, prepared MERT to today`s session of the government. In 2006. Gross national product growth, under forecasts MERT, will make 5,6 %, in 2007. - 5,8 %, in 2008. - 6 %.
As has noted a source in the government, such rates of economic growth are insufficient for problem maintenance on gross national product doubling to 2010. It has reminded that for January - April 2005. Gross national product growth has made 5,3 %, and increase promproizvodstva - 4,2 %.
Also MERT predicts decrease in level of oil recovery in 2005., including from - for situations round YUKOS. According to G.Gref, in 2005. Oil recovery will make 475 million t that on 10 million t below the social economic development planned in scenary conditions. According to the minister, decrease in efficiency of extraction and oil export, backwardness of pipeline system, and also decrease in oil recovery of one of the largest companies - YUKOS became a principal cause of decrease in the forecast on oil recovery. We will remind that MERT has reconsidered the forecast at the price for oil of mark Urals. In 2005. It will make 43 dollars/ barr., in 2006. - 35 dollars/ barr.