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The Eurocommission has pressed Gazprom

Gazprom which promises to redirect the most part of transit of gas from the Ukrainian direction to gas pipeline Nord Stream, hardly will manage to execute this threat. The Eurocommission has obliged gas pipelines NEL and OPAL which connect Nord Stream to a gas infrastructure of EU, to reserve to 50 % of their capacity under access of other suppliers of gas. It means that through Nord Stream Gazprom can pump over an order 27,5 mlrd gas cubic metre - half of capacity Nord Stream.
Yesterday lawyer Gascade (operates transport actives Wingas - the joint venture Gazprom and German Wintershall) Gordon Thomas who quotes agency the Prime has declared that gas pipeline NEL which is continuation of pipe Nord Stream in territory of Germany, has not managed to achieve from Eurocommission of the permission to an exception from access of the third parties. According to mister Thomas, the demand (in Eurocommission. - ) has been submitted, but it is rejected . He has underlined that repeatedly she will not move without having explained the reasons of this decision. Mister Thomas has only specified that now NEL will be compelled to reserve not less than 35 % of capacities for access of the third parties. Designed capacity of a gas pipeline makes 20 mlrd cubic metre, that is under access of the third parties will be reserved an order 7 mlrd cubic metre. Accordingly, through NEL Gazprom can pump over no more than 13 mlrd cubic metre of gas which will come to Germany through Nord Stream.

NEL - a gas pipeline in the extent of 440 km and capacity 20 mlrd the cubic metre, which index point is Grajfsvald (coast of Germany in Baltic sea), and final - a gasholder Reden . Building is conducted Wingas (owns 51 % of actions of the project), and also E. ON, Gasunie and Fluxys. Than 320 km are already constructed more, start is planned on 2012 - 2013. Project cost - 1 billion NEL should connect underwater gas pipeline Nord Stream which goes on a bottom of Baltic from Russia to Germany, with gas-transport system of EU.

access of the third parties about which Gordon Thomas speaks, is possibility for any companies besides Gazprom to pump over the gas through NEL. It is provided by the Third power package of EU. As while, except Gazprom physically put gas in NEL anybody cannot, Russia achieved for a long time from Eurocommission of deducing NEL from - under the Third power package, and it is a theme was one of key at negotiations of Minister of Energy Sergey Shmatko and the power commissioner of EU Gjuntera Ettingera. Now it is found out what to achieve it was possible nothing, and mister Ettinger who should hold the next meeting with mister Shmatko in February, to Russia, by data and has not arrived.

it is possible, NEL all - taki will achieve from right Eurocommission to reserve under gas Gazprom to 90 % of the capacity, Gordon Thomas has assumed, and corresponding amendments the Agency on interaction of regulators in power - ACER, nadnatsionalnyj now considers body in EU which regulates work of national regulators in power of the countries of Europe. But the final decision all the same behind Eurocommission, the lawyer has told. In Eurocommission yesterday have only told that rules of a power market of EU are uniform for all and NEL not an exception . In Gazprom and Gazprom export comments have refused, in Wingas have assured that Gordon Thomas spoke about the future projects of the company . NEL has started to be under construction before introduction in Europe the Third power package and gets under norms of the Second power package. But it means only that exact level of restrictions for it while is unknown.

But there is an example of already realised restrictions for the project which is in the same conditions. It is gas pipeline OPAL (it is already constructed, 35 mlrd cubic metre a year). The representative of Eurocommission Nicole Bokshteller has informed yesterday that OPAL it is deduced from - under access of the third parties only on 50 %. Sources in Gazprom name an event absurdity noticing that absolutely not clearly, for whom all it is reserved . But in Eurocommission it answer that in the long term to OPAL and NEL can theoretically be connected and other suppliers of gas.

today main tranziter gas Gazprom to Europe - Ukraine (100 mlrd cubic metre in a year of export to EU from total amount 150 mlrd cubic metre), and Gazprom achieves control over its gas-transport system, threatening to lower otherwise prorolling volume (the country earns on transit of $3 mlrd in a year). To redirect streams from Ukraine Gazprom promised just in Nord Stream. If for NEL there will be a same restriction, as for OPAL, to pump over through Nord Stream Gazprom can no more than 27,5 mlrd gas cubic metre a year, Vitaly Krjukov from " speaks; IFD - Kapital . It is comparable to capacity only one thread Nord Stream (27,5 mlrd cubic metre), but this year the second should be started. It turns out that completely Gazprom it cannot load. Michael Korchemkin from East European Gas Analysis considers that the position Eurocommission is caused by the high prices for the Russian gas in Europe and that to Gazprom remains only to reconcile to this decision .