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Deputy feelings have registered in the law

Legal department of the Volgograd regional thought named disputable and korruptsiogennym the project of the regional law on ethics of deputies. Many members of parliament have agreed with lawyers. But authors of the bill, deputies from fraction Fair Russia criticism in the address explain fear of the deputy majority to bear responsibility for acts. Spravorossy have already addressed in Ministry of Justice for independent competent legal examination .
the Project of the regional law the Code of ethics of the deputy of the Volgograd regional thought has arrived in profile committee of Legislative Assembly in February, but it is already roughly discussed in a lobby. Four deputies from fraction Fair Russia have brought in a thought the code for a regulation of work of the deputy in a thought, with voters, with state bodies and officials, mass-media and the Legislative Assembly device. The code contains also measures of moral and disciplinary influence For non-observance of deputy etiquette. So, at a private meeting to the deputy - to the disobedient person can take out moral condemnation to recommend to take measures to force to apologise. Financial sanctions are entered also: for double infringement within a calendar year the member of parliament can deprive of 30 % of a monthly salary and if has broken more than two times, 50 %. But the legal department of the device of a regional thought has taken out the negative conclusion on the bill. Lawyers have seen in the code of ethics of the deputy the norms containing korruptsiogennye factors also have suggested the document to finish.

the head of fraction and the initiator of the bill Stanislav Korotkov considers that legal service accompanies to the deputy majority, which ostensibly is afraid to bear responsibility for the actions and own behaviour . To refuse the given bill we do not intend - mister Korotkov has declared. In fraction have explained that similar laws are in Legislative Assemblies of the Moscow and Orenburg areas.

it is necessary to notice that in a thought there are the documents regulating behaviour of deputies. It is the law About the status of the deputy of the Volgograd regional thought Rules of deputy ethics and the decision about the commission on ethics. Authors of the new document explain its necessity to that ethics is necessary to enter into the category of a legal duty .

So, to number of such legal duties supported with disciplinary influences, concern: obligatory presence at sessions, politeness, tactfulness and respect for the chairman. Deputies are recommended not to use cellular and paging communication, to each other to address officially . familiar and scornful references " are not supposed; - specifies item 2 item 6. Relations with voters are offered to be built on the basis of mutual respect, politeness, the attentive relation... To references, complaints and statements . At personal dialogue with voters to aspire to be the sample of professionalism, decency and justice . Item 2 point 7 defines also norm of performances: the Deputy before the speech beginning should think over it that it carried an accurate orientation on the substance of a point of issue. Acting should express with accessible language .

In regional Duma legal department experience of a legal regulation of moral behaviour have concerned critically, having explained that the law, the standard legal certificate assume obligatory instructions. And stated in the project moral and ethical standards are disputable, some have subjective and estimated character. Uncertainty of the maintenance of norm Creates abusing possibility the powers, generates inconsistent pravoprimenitelnuju practice weakens protection guarantees . And requirements overestimated, exigeant, uncertain or burdensome are korruptsiogennymi factors .

There is a Hippocratic Oath, there is a military oath, but it does not stir to some doctors and military men them to break. My personal opinion that the moral code - in the person, is a self-discipline question - the head of fraction " speaks; an United Russia Sergey Bulgakov. to me it is not clear, why I should be fined, if, for example, have not come on a thought because solved an urgent question of voters. Not clearly, why it is necessary to fine the deputy if it, communicating with voters, the damage has caused to authority of a thought - for example, has told, who has not voted for the law in interests of people - deputy Michael Tarantsov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) is perplexed. He believes that the law on ethics harmful also creates soil for immoral things: As norms are rather relative, he will allow to defame and limit objectionable deputies their rights .

When there is nothing to be engaged more, such documents are born. They discredit the deputy as the people`s choice - the head of fraction of communists Nikolay Parshin has declared. But Stanislav Korotkov has informed that will achieve adoption of law: We prepare the reference in Central administrative board of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on JUFO for the purpose of reception of independent competent legal examination .

the ethics Code is necessary. But the first that should be registered in it, are time frameworks of the report of the deputy before the voter. And still it is necessary to legalise possibility of its response if, for example, for half of deputy term the person of in any way has not shown - the vice-president of Public chamber of the Volgograd region Ivan Nikitin considers.