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Pravodely have left in virtual unreality

the Saratov branch of party the Just cause declared self-dissolution. The decision is dictated by disappointment in existing political system, and also connected with the initiative of creation of civil virtual party. Experts doubt that the new organisation has any chances to take a place in the politician.
the decision on dissolution of regional branch the Just cause and also about liquidation of all local branches it was accepted at yesterday`s session of the Saratov political council. It is recommended to members of the organisation to make independently the decision on the further participation in party. As they say in the statement Saratov pravodelov, to idea about necessity of self-dissolution they have come after the analysis of the political situation which have developed following the results of Duma and presidential election. In their opinion, in the country has occurred delegitimatsija the authorities .

The political system consisting of parties resolved and supervised by a mode and politicians, is not capable to provide further progress and is the factor of restraint of development of the country, - is told in the document. Alternatively were pravodely offer other model of political strike.

by words eks - heads regotdelenija Igor Tanatina, the Russian virtual party which will not be registered in Ministry of Justice is created. Actually, it is a site in a network the Internet where each interested person can make the offers, concerning party programs, public actions, ways of an embodiment of ideas and so on. It is supposed that each party member will be estimated by other users on the basis of which responses the personal rating is formed. People with the highest rating can participate in elections as self-promoted workers. Now the site is started, but while works in a test mode.

Michael Prokhorov`s Authorized representative in Saratov Maxim Bychkov (left from the Just cause in September, 2011 ) Believes that the regional branch was closed from - for absence of support from the voter. they did not show special electoral activity, - he has told. - most of all me has surprised that they motivated it with that is imposed licensed political structure while on presidential election supported Vladimir Putin. It at least is illogical . Mister Bychkov has been surprised by the decision of mister Tanatina to create virtual party as thought that that will adjoin to reviving Democratic party of Russia : I Think that mister Tanatin was late: these processes already go in sotssetjah, what for still to create a superstructure .

Political scientist Alexander Panteleev regards dissolution of regional branch as disappointment in political prospects of the organisation. The party was small, and hardly at it would increase points after Michael Prokhorov was going to create the right party. a just cause could not compete with it and on level of electoral support, both under the finance, and on support of the Kremlin - he has told.