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On BAES there will be a skilled complex on short circuit jaderno - a fuel cycle

State corporation “ Rosatom “ within the limits of the project “ Break “ plans to create by 2020 on the Beloyarsk atomic power station (BAES) a skilled complex on short circuit jaderno - a fuel cycle (JATTS) where will place two reactors of new generation and capacity on a fabrication of fuel and processing OJAT. “ To end FTSP „Nuclear power technologies of new generation“ in 2020 on platform BAES the complex of fast reactors around pristantsionnogo a fuel cycle (PJATTS) should be built. These are capacities on processing OJAT and fabrications. That is JATTS it is almost closed “ - has informed zamglavy “ Rosatom “ the vice-president of coordination council of the project “ Break “ Vyacheslav Pershukov in interview to the newspaper “ the Country Rosatom “. It is a question of reactors Brest - 300 with the lead heat-carrier capacity 300 MVt and BN - 1200 with natrievym the heat-carrier capacity 1200 MVt. As mister Pershukov has explained, building of two reactors is necessary for understanding, what project as a result will lay down in a basis of the closed fuel cycle (ZJATTS) - with natrievym or the lead heat-carrier. On the one hand, as he said, “ last decades reactors BN (on BAES since 1980 works BN - 600, now is under construction BN - 800) " were exposed to the deepest study; with another - the project has “ the specific problems connected with application of sodium: its chemical activity, high aktiviruemostju under neutron influence “.