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Mironov has suggested Udaltsovu to enter in Fair Russia

the Leader Fair Russia Sergey Mironov has offered on March, 14th the co-ordinator the Left front to Sergey Udaltsovu to join the ranks eserov if he really wants association of political forces on the left flank. here, for example, Sergey Udaltsov, the Left front - the party, which else is not present. There is a parliamentary party Fair Russia . I consider, why to us not to call Sergey Udaltsova in our party? The person interesting, seems to me, in something sincerely mistaking, but that to me in it imposes is a real sincerity. And so, give, enter our party SR - we will consider such variant - quotes RIA News mister Mironov. Thus he has commented on the message of mister Udaltsova on possible creation of uniform party on the left flank which that has laid out in the Twitter shortly before an aether with the leader eserov. Today have carried out consultation on creation of a uniform left-wing party. Structure of participants very interesting. In the near future there can be a result - Sergey Udaltsov has written on March, 14th. Sergey Mironov has informed that such negotiations from eserov are conducted by the deputy of the State Duma Ilya Ponomarev. At the same time leader SR has noticed that similar association of the left forces can occur only on the basis of already existing parliamentary party.