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“ What for now about it to tell “

Yesterday in Ekaterinburg bank VTB has held a meeting with minority shareholders which participated in national IPO bank in 2007. During action it was found out that many owners of securities at all did not suspect, they as shareholders possessed what possibilities within 5 years. According to ยาม24, in the first day of start of the program in bank 278 demands from shareholders of UrFO have arrived.
On a meeting in luxurious hotel “ Hajatt “ have come about 200 shareholders VTB (all in their Sverdlovsk area more than 3 thousand), the most part from them people of advanced age. Each of them has received a package with information materials about bank, a flash card, the handle and a notebook. On a meeting with minoritarijami there has arrived the head of service on work with shareholders of bank VTB Vladimir Hotkin. Gathered told about work of bank with shareholders, financial results of Group VTB and regional division of bank. But the program under the return repayment of actions of the bank, starting became on March, 12th the main theme. Some shareholders to the invitation to a meeting at all did not suspect that such program is. “ in 2007 when prepared national IPO, advertising about it went on all channels if today have not come to the meeting, and have not learnt that actions buy back “ - they complained. The participation in IPO shareholders name “ the help to the state “ which as they counted, in the future would give the chance to them to earn. “ but the price of actions in crisis has fallen more than to 50 %, now plainly was not restored, and us ask them to sell “ - some of them complained.

During a meeting Vladimir Hotkin has explained what take part in the return repayment shareholders who have got actions within the limits of IPO can, that is were shareholders VTB for May, 24th, 2007 and remained shareholders for February, 1st, 2012. The maximum sum of the repayment at one shareholder will make 500 thousand roubles. The repayment price is similar to the placing price in 2007 - 13,6 copeck for one action (a market share cost today 7,1 copeck) .

“ Today at us two problems to tell to you about a current situation in bank, about possibilities which are at you taking into account the program under the return repayment of actions, and to adjust direct dialogue. At once I will tell, conversations that we try to get rid from minoritariev, and the bank in general is closed, are unreasonable. All of us will listen, we will fix. Only, please, without emotions “ - mister Hotkin has addressed to shareholders.

the First part of a meeting of the come has not strongly impressed. During the story of representatives of bank about possibility to trade in actions at a stock exchange some shareholders on persons had a bewilderment. “ nobody said to us that it is necessary to sell, buy, also by means of brokers. What for now about it to tell? “ - remarks in a hall were heard. News that they can receive dividends, for them too was unexpected. “ If removed nothing all four years, means, your money lies on the bank account “ - Vladimir Hotkin calmed. The unique question which has caused revival in a hall, concerned the subsequent stock value. “ if after the termination of the repayment of actions their cost grows, I can consider it as coincidence? “ - has asked an artful question the man advanced in years. “ can “ - Vladimir Hotkin has answered, having specified that it will be short-term growth.

in meeting end on visual communication with Ekaterinburg there was a first deputy of the president - chairman of the board VTB Vasily Titov, which, by a recognition present, “ has well explained “ that by it to do further. “ we declared the program under the repayment of actions when have understood that the majority of participants IPO is no by representations about stock market, are not skilled investors. Hardly represent, they bear what risks, owning actions “ - he has noted. Mister Titov has underlined that he does not intend to sell the share holding. “ I trust in stable future development of bank. If you too trust, do not sell, if you have urgent needs sell “ - mister Titov has noted, having added that the bank does not promise to compensate all losses of shareholders during the repayment. The meeting has ended with rough discussion of the program already between minoritarijami which have considered that them “ have deceived “ and, most likely, they will sell the actions.

according to ยาม24, in the first day of start of the program in bank 278 demands from shareholders of UrFO have arrived.