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The congress - a hall loses businessmen

One of the basic investors Ufa the Congress - a hall - Open Company “ the Businessman “ - has decided to refuse a share in object and to return the put up money. The company has sued about return to it 1,4 mlrd roubles to the customer of building of a building - to Republican management of capital construction (RUKS). The investor considers that its investments have not justified, as RUKS has not executed the contract on transfer of the company of the rights to an underground parking and building floor spaces. Experts notice that, except prolonged terms of delivery of a complex, that fact could affect the decision of the investor that the Congress - a hall has appeared commercially unprofitable active.
Open Company “ the Businessman “ has exposed in arbitration court of republic of an abacus to the state enterprise “ Republican management kapstroitelstva “ (RUKS). In the company consider that RUKS has not executed before it treaty obligations. In 2006, follows from the statement of claim, “ The businessman “ has listed RUKSu 543,2 million rbl. on erection the Congress - a hall. According to the contract in 2007 the company should receive in the property of two third of areas of a complex, including 10,4 thousand in sq. m of an underground parking and 11,3 thousand in sq. m of floor spaces. RUKS, follows from the claim (the copy is on hand „“), repeatedly “ broke terms of transfer of object of share building “. In June of last year the investor has notified the customer on contract cancellation unilaterally. The size of indemnifications in Open Company “ the Businessman “ have estimated in 1,4 mlrd rbl., having included in them the basic amount of debt, percent for using company money resources, losses from impossibility to lease a premise, and also percent on credits and loans. The company has involved as investments into building of means of the Savings Bank of Russia, the Moscow Open Company “ ekspotrejd “ And two offshore companies Kliast holdings Limited and Miteng investments Limited. “ ekspotrejd “ according to portal Globalstat, is one of founders “ the Businessman “. In turn, it benetsifiary do not reveal. According to open sources, as the basic investor the Congress - a hall the group " has acted; the Bashkir chemistry “. Hearings under the claim are appointed to March, 27th.

by data minzemimushchestva Bashkiria, a complex the Congress - the hall officially is registered on the area of 36 thousand in sq. m on balance RUKSa. It the state enterprise " operates; the Congress - a hall “. The complex is used for carrying out of large official political actions, for example, sessions of the State Council of Russia, exhibitions, concerts. As the anchor tenant the entertaining club " acts; Kosmik “. In November, 2010 the republic management declared plans of the repayment of a building at “ the Bashkir chemistry “ under IT - park.

For the period of proceeding the investor has decided to seal up premises intending to it. In management UK “ the Congress - a hall “ yesterday have told „“ that the company has in writing notified that will undertake these actions since April, 1st. “ in this case we cannot guarantee safety of operation of a building “ - are afraid in UK.

the Director of RUKSa Ajrat Garipov the conflict to the investor to discuss by phone has refused.

the general director “ the Businessman “ Olga Bolshakova has confirmed that the company has lost interest to an active. “ we have made the decision on returning of money osoznanno, these premises are not interesting to us any more “ - it has explained. In the company are dissatisfied that in reply to “ millions the letters sent in RUKS for last four years, further promises business did not go “. In November of last year “ the Businessman “ has won in two instances against management the claim on 70,2 million rbl. For not received rent in 2007-2011.

the source in minzemimushchestva has told „“ that the conflict between the investor and RUKSom “ has ripened for a long time and slow character " had last years;. “ Most likely, the company was bothered with a situation, when there is no neither money, nor property, and she has decided to return investments “ - the interlocutor has assumed. Under its data, “ RUKS on object acts also as the builder, and cannot eliminate subquality work " in any way;. Experts do not exclude that the investor could lose interest to object and because of its small commercial appeal. “ for trade the Congress - the hall is not absolutely successfully located, removed from the centre, here the low foot traffic, and the main thing, the complex concept initially was not clear is all - taki socially - the political centre, or trading - entertaining, - the general director of a network of agencies of real estate " speaks; the DIGNITY “ Rustem Kamals. - Tenants in it almost does not remain, the concert hall is empty is more often, than accepts tours “. The expert considers logical placing in a complex “ state or okologosudarstvennyh structures “.

“ If term of transfer of real estate has been registered in the contract and not transferred dopsoglashenijami, default of obligations RUKSom will prove simply, - the lawyer of board „Murat and partners“ believes Damask steel Safin. - in this case the basic sum will be collected from management, and finally, from the Ministry of Finance. Collecting of percent for unreasonable using another`s means depends on treaty provisions. Practice shows that the requirement about collecting of a payment for attraction of credits and loans usually rejects court. In this case RUKS cannot bear responsibility for a source of financing of the investor: the companies are financed at own risk “.