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Minprom both deputy ministers

On the eve of the statement of new structure of the regional government leave and. An island of the minister of the industry, innovations and a science of edge Xenia Novikova remained without both assistants, has informed a source in the cabinet. Minprom leave not only Andrey Mushchinkin, but also Dmitry Drobinin. By data , now g - n Drobinin is in holiday from which does not plan to come back in the government. It is necessary to notice that g - n Drobinin was in minprome a long-liver - he has had time to work with Vladimir Tserljukevichem, Dmitry Teplov and even fulfilled duties of the head of the ministry after leaving of the last. We will remind, in the autumn of last year minprom have left the project head Industrial parks Sergey Tolchin and a number of less appreciable employees. G - zha Novikova has confirmed the information on leaving only g - on Mushchinkina: Yes, it has made such decision and has already written the application. It is a regular situation . Who becomes the successor of the former assistant, the interlocutor has not specified. Also it does not have data about that, as it zam Dmitry Drobinin leaves the second minprom. Xenia Novikova has headed regional minprom in May, 2011. With 2001 for 2010 worked on various posts in the Perm agricultural academy, since 2010 was managing chair of marketing of the Perm state university.