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The consequence had a bent for to rocket engines

Inspectors of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the Central federal district have filed criminal charges upon the swindle made by working out of new devices for rocket engines at the Voronezh mechanical factory. According to agents of national security, malefactors, having exploited one of the domestic companies - developers bespilotnikov - Joint-Stock Company “ the Aerogame “ from Zhukovsky, have stolen at factory of 5,5 million rbl.
Criminal case upon swindle in especially large size (ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation), made by uncertain persons, investigatory part GU has raised the Ministry of Internal Affairs on TSFO. Trial details in department do not open. Meanwhile sources „“ in law enforcement bodies have told yesterday that it is a question of 5,5 million the rbl. stolen at factory in 2010.

on versions of the investigation, the Voronezh mechanical factory (VMZ; Branch GKNPTS of a name of Hrunicheva) has paid for already created by workers of factory projects of two new devices for the rocket engines made at the enterprise. In the first case it is a question of documentation manufacturing, and also skilled and commodity parties two-section nasadkov radiating cooling for mid-flight liquid rocket engines 11Δ58Μ (the last are used, in particular, on razgonnyh blocks of space " carrier rockets; the Proton “ and “ Zenith “) . Works, according to policemen, were conducted in three stages by group of engineers VMZ by request of GKNPTS a name of Hrunicheva since August 2008 till August, 2009. Since February 2009 till June, 2010 they have been accepted by the customer who has paid for them to factory of 29,99 million rbl.

the Second working out there was a sample of the chamber of combustion with oxygen use as cooler which was conducted in 2009 by request of Open Society “ RKK “Energy“ of a name the Queen “. This device, according to sources „“, is planned to place “ on one of developed perspective engines “. VMZ has successfully handed over the project in November, 2009, for what general director VMZ of that time Alexander Bondar has received 12,5 million rbl. Soon after acceptance end has concluded two contracts with Dmitry Vasinym, till 2011 heading being in Zhukovsky Joint-Stock Company situated near Moscow “ the Aerogame “ Which works in partnership with the Central aerohydrodynamic institute of a name Zhukovsky and is engaged, in particular, in working out of pilotless flying machines of mark Inspector.

On the basis of Joint-Stock Company agreements has created already available at VMZ the design documentation on both workings out. For it VMZ has listed “ to the Aerogame “ 5,5 million rbl. But, judging by consequence documents, the company situated near Moscow has left to itself only 1,1 million rbl., having transferred to other money to the Moscow Open Company “ StimulGrand “ which ostensibly also developed both projects. “ field investigators have not found out any signs of life of this firm, and Olga Abashina registered there on the general director has informed that does not know even about its most existence “ - the agent of national security, asked not to name his name in mass-media has told. Thus, by data “ SPARK - Interfax “ on the end of last year, Open Company “ StimulGrand “ Belongs to madam Abashinoj and has an authorised capital stock of 20 thousand rbl.

After visit in “ StimulGrand “ inspectors have compared given “ the Aerogame “ documents with real workings out of employees VMZ. “ It were copies of papers of engineers of the factory, a bit processed by means of Photoshop. At factory say that to engineering specifications after signing of the certificate of its acceptance management VMZ had access only. We assume that Alexander Bondar " could be one of organizers of fraud; - the interlocutor „“ has added. He has noticed that the former subordinates of the mister of the Cooper indirectly confirm this assumption, and the former general director says to inspectors that “ does not remember circumstances of the conclusion of agreements with “Aerogame“ “.

On VMZ from comments on a situation have refrained. The source at the enterprise has informed that case investigated by a district central board for present administration a surprise did not become. “ Policemen worked on the facts of these plunders long. And the Cooper behaved strange. In the end of the last year it has received a place of the assistant to general director VMZ though here anybody especially did not wait for it. And in day when the Cooper needed to come to work, it has simply disappeared - did not open a door of apartment and did not answer calls “ - has noted a source. The mister the Cooper „“ made comments yesterday on a situation avariciously: “ Let inspectors when “will be brief“ with the work tell about it. I have no concept neither about a business stage, nor about the in it the status “.