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Proprietors of apartments in nedostroe on Ushakov, 21 are included in the register of requirements about transfer of premises

Federal arbitration court of the Ural district has considered the appeal of competitive managing director NFZP Patriots Andrey Kotelnikova in which he asked to refuse to one of proprietors of apartments on Ushakov, 21 inclusion in the register of requirements about transfer of premises. The court has refused to the competitive managing director and has left proprietors of apartments of not completed house on Ushakov, 21 in the register. Gone bankrupt NFZP Patriots was the builder of a housing estate on Ushakov, 21. In PAIZHK have noticed that this decision is significant for creation housing - building co-operative society. Formation ZHSK is an indispensable condition of realisation of the program developed by the government of the Perm edge together with Open Society PAIZHK and administration of Perm for a solution of a problem of the deceived shareholders. The right of rent and the right of the builder to not complete building will be transferred shareholders after participants of share building at general meeting will create ZHSK. Then participants ZHSK and Open Society PAIZHK will in common choose the contractor, will confirm the estimate and terms of completion of problem object. After that the agency will involve means of participants ZHSK for end of building of the house by delivery of mortgage loans the requirement rights. Crediting of participants ZHSK will be carried out Open Society PAIZHK on favourable terms with subsidising of a part of percent from local governments.

the sum is included in authorised capital stock PAIZHK at a rate of 374 million rbl. on delivery of mortgage loans to the deceived shareholders. Means are allocated from the regional budget. Also in 2012 in regional treasury on these purposes it is in addition provided 300 million rbl. (means it is planned to bring in authorised capital stock PAIZHK in March - April).