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For political influence it is absolutely not necessary to be the proprietor

the Management Gazprom - media has denied data on holding sale. To carry out the similar transaction anyway it would be hard, experts would mark, most likely, it was blocked by a state regulator, besides, she would demand enormous financial assets and resources.
Gazprom - media is not on sale. The general director of holding Nikolay Senkevich has denied the message on possible change of the proprietor of the company. Earlier the councillor of directors of Gazprombank Alexander Krasnenkov has informed that the bank can sell holding Gazprom - media as not profile active. It has made the statement in interview to corporate magazine Gazprom . Thus a top - the manager did not name concrete terms of sale. To find the buyer on such active it would be difficult, the analyst of company Ray, Man and Gor Securities Xenia Arutyunov considers.

For such transaction are necessary both financial assets and a corporate resource. Moreover, are required, of course, legislation observance because such situation when it turns out, most likely, is inadmissible that one monopolist supervises all media market. The probable buyer can be Russian media group which has a sufficient resource, - she has noted.

- As to foreign investors all the matter is that is very large active, mass-media all - taki are the powerful channel of influence, and there can be a situation when such transaction will be blocked .

Gazprom - media operates variety of the Russian mass-media.

holding Gazprom - media - affiliated structure Gazprom on management of actives in mass-media. It is created in 1998 and is the largest in Russia and one of the media companies largest in Europe. Now Gazprom - media NTV companies, TNT, a satellite broadcasting company " belong; NTV Plus radio station Echo Moscow the First popular radio City FM Relax FM Children`s radio . Besides, the holding structure includes publishing house Seven days a movie company Cinema a cinema October the Crystal - an oriental carpet the Internet - portal Rutube and Open Company Gazprom - media which is engaged in advertising sale. The chairman of board of directors of the company is head Gazprom Alexey Miller, the general director Nikolay Senkevich.

One month ago in holding there was a scandal: Gazprom - media has demanded ahead of schedule to stop powers of board of directors of radio Echo Moscow and to replace in it independent directors with the candidates. It is supposed that elections of new council will pass in the end of March. It is already known that council will be left by the editor-in-chief of station Alexey Venediktov, its first deputy and two independent directors. Change of the proprietor will not change position of the mass-media entering into holding, media manager Anton Nosik is assured.

to press on structures which are included into board of directors Gazprom - media it is absolutely not necessary Gazprom . It is possible to press and on structures which do not enter anywhere as we it saw repeatedly. As the tool of political influence and pressure it is absolutely not necessary to be the proprietor, - he has noted. - and whether are necessary to Gazprom not profile actives? There would be I the shareholder Gazprom I would tell, what let`s be engaged all - taki in gas production, what for to us this radio, newspapers?

according to the general director Gazprom - media Nikolay Senkevich, the holding can leave in the near future on IPO.