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What, tell on favour, a supper when on a scene hair shake?

unusual show of stylist George Rovalsa the Hairdress in style of a tango will pass in restaurant El Asado tango &grill: hairstyles under tango music, tea mate in hair of models. However involves El Asado visitors at all show - programs, and milonagami which at the Moscow restaurants while are a rarity, Darya Tsivina tells.
Tonight at new restaurant El Asado tango &grill on Butyrsky to a shaft show " will take place; the Hairdress in style of a tango hairdresser George Rovalsa who will cut models in beat a tango, inserting it into pumpkin hairdresses - kalabas with tea mate, and all interested persons can try mate in such giving unusual, to put it mildly. Action cost - 2500 roubles, and in it, besides kuafer - show, enters an easy supper. The main thing, George Rovals will play on a grand piano before the idol pianist David Lernerom, which, despite the more than old age - 102 years, - also pochtit evening the presence.

I cannot agitate you for participation at all in the given action as it has no relation to a delicatessen: well what, tell on favour, a supper when on a scene hair shake also a varnish pyhajut, but I want to pay your attention here on what. Restaurant El Asado itself names tango &grill, and on the first place here, of course, a tango. Because the stake from the Argentina beef for $50 in Moscow can where be eaten much, and in more professional execution, and here restaurants where it is possible to dance the Argentina tango or to look, as it is done by others, not too it is a lot of - the Attic on Kuznetsk, Office in October, the Hothouse In Orlikovom, now El Asado where on Tuesdays pass milongi on 25 - 30 dancing steams. On assurances of the mistress of an institution of Irina Korolevoj, absolutely free of charge.