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The Savings Bank accustoms Russians to remote fee of housing and communal services

the Moscow bank of the Savings Bank of Russia since May, 1st 2010. Establishes the commission for payment housing - utilities (ZHKU) at a rate of 2 % from the sum of payment instead of 3 % as it was informed earlier.
At the same time at payment realisation through remote channels the commission will make 0,5 %. On it has informed on a press - conferences vice-president SB the Russian Federation, the chairman of the Moscow bank of the Savings Bank Maxim Poletaev. Thus, stimulating Russians to pay services distantsionno, the bank has made an attempt to get rid of traditional turns.
M.Poletaev has noticed that earlier the commission for payment ZHKU was paid by service providers, but in connection with coming into force of the governmental order of Moscow the commission consumers of services henceforth should pay.
he also has informed that from 35 million the payments which are carried out on the average in year through the Moscow bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation, only 10 % are necessary on remote channels: The Internet, mobile bank, network of information payment terminals and long-term commissions which are made out through operators. The banker has specified that the cumulative sum of not credit commissions of the Moscow bank of the Savings Bank on the average in a year makes 2,5 mlrd rbl., including payments on housing and communal services - 1 mlrd 330 million rbl. the Moscow bank of the Savings Bank of Russia does not expect decrease in a total sum of the commissions. we will gather additionally other kinds of the commissions. We do not plan decrease in the cumulative sum of the commissions - M.Poletaev has told.
we Will remind, the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation has some time ago made decision to raise with citizens the bank commission at a rate of 3 % for transfer of means to housing and communal services fee, proving it is the corresponding decision of the government of Moscow on which payment of a commission to bank is transferred from the service provider on the consumer.
however authorities of the capital recommended to the Savings Bank to lower the commission for reception of payments for ZHKU. We recommended to the Savings Bank to make other decision concerning commission gathering - the first deputy of the mayor of Moscow Yury Rosljak has noted. He also has informed that a number of other banks offers the smaller commission for the same services, for example Promsvjazbank - 1,5 %, bank Uralsib - 1,7 %, Bank of Moscow - 0,5 %, and at payment ZHKU through the terminal by means of a bank card, the commission frequently is not raised.