Rus News Journal

The Savings Bank in 2009. Has increased actives on 5,5 % - to 7,1 trln rbl.

Savings Bank Actives under the international standards of the financial reporting (MSFO) for 2009. Have grown on 5,5 % in comparison with the data for 2008. Also have made 7 trln 105 mlrd rbl., it is told in the reporting of the credit organisation. Actives of bank following the results of 2008. Made 6 trln 736 mlrd rbl.
Own means of group of the Savings Bank for 2009. Have increased by 3,8 % - to 778,9 mlrd rbl. the Portfolio of securities has increased for 2009. In 2,2 times to level 1 trln 064,1 mlrd rbl. During 2009. The portfolio of corporate bonds of group of the Savings Bank has increased more than in 3 times while federal loan bond share in a portfolio was reduced from 53,5 % to 31,9 %.
Thus the bank net profit has decreased on 75 %, having made 24,4 mlrd rbl. against 97,7 mlrd rbl. for the similar period year before. Percentage incomes of group for 2009. Have grown on 31,5 % in comparison with 2008. Also have reached 815 mlrd rbl. The increase in incomes of crediting of legal bodies, and also increase in volume of percentage incomes under securities became the growth reason basically. Percentage expenses have grown on 29,1 % in comparison with last year and have made 312,2 mlrd rbl. against growth of cost of extra means.
the delayed debts under Savings Bank credits for 2009. Has made 8,5 % from a credit portfolio, reserves on possible losses under loans have grown to 579,8 mlrd rbl. Volume of credits of bank for 2009. To a deduction of reserves under depreciation has increased by 3,1 % and has reached level 5,44 trln rbl. the Portfolio of credits to legal bodies has increased by 6,1 % - to 4,27 trln rbl. the Credit portfolio of physical persons was reduced to 6,6 % to 1,17 trln rub at the expense of reduction of demand for consumer credits from physical persons.
incomes of the Savings Bank of operations with securities in 2009. Have made 36,5 mlrd rbl. (in comparison with 37,3 mlrd rbl. of losses for 2008.) . Thus positive revaluation of the securities which are available available for sale, has made 32,6 mlrd rbl., while the expense from negative revaluation of the securities which are available available for sale, in 2008. Has made 33,9 mlrd rbl.
In process of gradual restoration of economy the Savings Bank financial position improves also. Only for first two months 2010. The bank has received the net profit comparable with annual on MSFO for all last crisis year - 24,4 mlrd rbl. It almost in 5 times above, than for the same period year before. This year the Savings Bank intends to increase volume of contributions of physical persons on 15 - 20 % in comparison with 2009., i.e. approximately on 600 mlrd rbl.
the Savings Bank - the largest bank in Russia, Central and the Eastern Europe on which share it is necessary about 30 % of actives of the Russian bank system, the basic creditor of national economy. The founder and the main shareholder of the Savings Bank is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (over 60 % of voting actions). Shareholders of bank - more than 200 thousand physical and legal bodies. In the Savings Bank work hardly less than 250 thousand persons.
the bank has the branched most out filial network in Russia: 18 territorial banks, more than 20 thousand branches and internal structural divisions, and also affiliated banks in Kazakhstan and in Ukraine. Savings Bank net profit on RSBU for 2009. Has decreased in 3 times - to 36,2 mlrd rbl.