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The prime minister - the minister of Greece: the Country is not going to declare a default

Greece is not going to declare a default, however Athenes would like to receive more specific proposals on the help from the European Union. The prime minister has informed on it - the minister of the country Georgios Papandreu, acting at EuroParliament regular session.
thus the prime minister has warned that Greece cannot spend the planned reduction of a budgeted deficit if cost of loans for Athenes remains at so high level. if we continue to borrow money in the markets under so high rates, we cannot achieve budgeted deficit reduction - quotes G.Papandreu Reuters agency.
speaking about reference possibility behind the help to IMF, the head of the Greek government has underlined that the country prefers such decision of the problems which would not mean the reference behind the help to the International currency fund . Also Papandreu has added that Athenes does not ask from the European Union of the financial help, but would like to see more concrete plan and all-round political support from EU.
earlier today in the American news agencies there was an information that Greece can already address for the help to IMF next month as Athenes it is more and more pessimistic look at prospects of reception of the help from the European Union. we on - former want to find the decision within the limits of the European union, however its prospects not too good - has informed a source in the Greek government. if we do not receive accurate support at EU summit on March, 25th, we will be compelled to seek the help elsewhere, and the most real variant is an IMF - the official has added.
now cost of loans for Greece at least on 3 % above cost of loan for Germany. Following the results of last year the country budgeted deficit has reached record 12,7 % from gross national product, and Athenes has been compelled to go for strict measures on reduction of this indicator. However even the accepted measures while it is not enough to cut down a budgeted deficit to level below 3 % to 2012., as it demands EU.
aggravates a situation and that fact that at Greece huge volume of a state debt. Only this year Athenes should occupy in the world financial markets of an order 53 mlrd dollars, and in April - May the country should pay off on debts in total amount 20 mlrd euro.