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Rosneft denies the information on freezing of payments

Rosneft has denied the messages which have appeared the day before in mass-media about freezing of all payments for oil export in connection with claim Yukos Capital. About it it is told in the message of the company published today.
in the document it is underlined that Rosneft completely carries out of all obligations on deliveries of oil and oil products, including under export contracts. any interdictions for payments for the put oil in US dollars does not exist, similar messages are either someone`s fiction, or in advance planned misinformation - it is told in the company message.
at the same time the oil giant has confirmed that Yukos Capital now takes steps on a carrying out of some arbitral awards cancelled by the Russian courts. With that end in view Yukos Capital has submitted the claim to Federal court of state of New York and on February, 8th current year has achieved imposing of a time interdiction for realisation of payments. However the day before this interdiction has been excellent after Rosneft possibility to state the legal position has been given.
According to the company message, at hearings the day before the court of state of New York has made the decision on absence at it of the competence to consider the given case. The court also has declared that presence of actives " can become the unique basis for a jurisdiction recognition; Rosneft in state of New York, also has given to the claimant approximately 60 days for their search. After that, if such actives will not be found out, the claim will be refused completely. The Federal court of state of New York also has rejected all other petitions Yukos Capital.
Besides, last week the court of London under petition Yukos Capital has taken out the order on seizure of a property part Rosneft in territory of England and the Wales in quality obespechitelnoj measures under the claim about a carrying out of the same cancelled arbitral awards.
Rosneft considers that this order has under itself no appropriate bases and takes necessary measures for protection of the interests in a judicial order. Thus in the company message it is noticed that established in the order of English court the sum of the arrested property is not essential to commercial activity Rosneft also cannot affect execution of the obligations by it.
we will remind that the day before in a number of mass-media there was an information that Rosneft faults with sale of oil from - for instructions of courts in the USA and Great Britain, connected with YUKOS business threaten. Instructions actually do impossible payments to the company in US dollars.
past year the Dutch court has decided that Rosneft Should pay to affiliated company YUKOS - YUKOS Capital - about 400 million dollars the Russian company has not executed the given decision, and the former shareholders of YUKOS through the American and British courts have demanded to give out instructions on collecting of money. Having received them, the YUKOS has informed Rosneft and that, in turn, has warned the basic buyers of oil.