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The Russian share platforms have finished day decrease

the Auctions in the Russian share market have begun today with decrease in leading share indexes. However after some hours after the beginning of trading session the majority of blue counters was won back by morning losses and left in a positive zone. However, following the results of day the Russian indexes and have not managed to be kept in plus.
the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has decreased on 0,13 % - to 1433,45 points. RTS index has fallen to a mark 1558,8 points that on 0,3 % below level of closing of the last trading day. Index RTS Standard has finished day on a mark 9880,64 points (- 0,14 %). The volume of the auctions on FB the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange has made 61,83 mlrd rbl., in RTS Standard - 11,03 mlrd rbl.
the Deputy chief of department of trust management the Absolute of Bank Ivan Fomenko notices that in the Russian share market moderate growth that has been caused by positive enough external background today prevailed. The exception was made by an eurozone where the question of rendering of the financial help of Greece is once again brought up.
Germany does not show special desire to help Athenes and advises to it to address in IMF. After such council of euro at the international currency auctions has started to decrease. However participants though express concern concerning the decision of the Greek problem, but have reacted to this news without special emotions.
in the Russian market in a minus there were actions of oil and gas sector that is connected with decrease in oil quotations against strengthening of dollar and the OPEC decision to leave level of extraction of crude oil at former level. However favorable enough conditions at world stock exchanges allow to assume that the Russian market can finish working week growth - has concluded I.Fomenko.
in turn the chief of department of the analysis of share market IFD Kapital Konstantin Guljaev considers that in the nearest put - two at stock exchanges there will be a correction downwards. As he said, similar dynamics can be promoted by probable correction of index S &P which has ripened for a long time. As a result the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index can be corrected on 2 - 3 % or hardly more, however the basic trend on - former remains positive, the expert considers.
as he said, further the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index can overcome level of 1450 points and will go to annual maxima - to level of 1490 points. as a whole demand remains, however probability of correction high enough, and as an occasion to its development decrease at the western stock exchanges can serve. Tomorrow the important macroeconomic data it is not expected. Closing of options and futures at the American stock exchanges will take place. The next week purchases also will proceed in papers of the second and third echelons - K.Guljaev has concluded.