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G7 Has carried out currency intervention for stabilisation of a course of yen

the Countries the Big seven (G7) following the results of today`s consultations have agreed to carry out currency intervention for stabilisation of a course of yen, transfers Associated Press. Such decision was accepted in connection with growth of this currency observed in last days which undermines stability of Japanese economy and disturbs to efforts of Tokyo on overcoming of consequences of catastrophic acts of nature.
with opening of the today`s auctions in Tokyo the dollar/ yen has reached a course of level 81. 00. Yen easing has been caused by the co-ordinated actions of the Central Banks of Japan, the USA, Canada and the European union, thrown out on the market a significant amount of yens and buying up dollars.
we will remind, the day before the yen has flied up to a record maximum 76,25 for dollar. France declared convocation of Ministers of Finance and heads of the central banks (Central Bank) of countries G7 for crisis discussion in Japan. The head of the French Ministry of Finance Christina Lagard has informed that on consideration the question on the possible repayment of a public debt of the country is taken out.
K.Lagard has added that the session purpose - to define scales of participation of countries G7 in the permission of debt crisis of Japan. At present the debt of Japan twice exceeds a total internal product (gross national product).
Also it became known that the Bank of Japan has allocated 3 trln yens (38 mlrd the dollars) for maintenance of the financial markets of the country, transfer Kyodo news. Earlier the bank of Japan has made the decision on allocation 8,8 trln of yens (108,8 mlrd dollars) for achievement of the similar purpose.