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Aviaactives Rostehnology have estimated in 2,5 % of actions Aeroflot

the State corporation Rostehnologii can receive for the aviation actives no more than 2,5 % of actions Aeroflot . Such opinion was stated by the deputy minister of transport of Russia Valery Okulov. As he said, he still said one year ago that the given actives will cost 2 - 2,5 % from a stock value Aeroflot .
There there is nothing to cost more, - V.Okulov has noted. - and it has turned out, an estimation fair .
According to arrangements between state corporation and the largest airline of Russia, in management to Aeroflot aviaactives GK " are transferred; Rostehnologii . They include six airlines: FGUP the State Customs Committee Russia FGUP Kavminvodyavia FGUP the Orenburg airlines Open Society Vladivostokavia Open Society The Saratov airlines and Open Society the Sakhalin air routes .
it is primary on the basis of these aviaactives it was planned to create the large competitor to Aeroflot - state corporation Rosavia . However this project has died, and without been born, and now Rostehnologii expect to receive a share holding Aeroflot in exchange for six air carriers.
the assistant to the general director Aeroflot under financial investments of Shamil Kurmashov earlier said that Aeroflot does not aspire to receive in each of these six companies on 100 % of actions, will be enough on a controlling stock in each of them.