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Kirghizia is ready to sell to Gazprom of 75 % of actions Kyrgyzgaza

Kirghizia is ready to sell Open Society Gazprom 75 % of actions Kyrgyzgaza the prime minister - the minister of Kirghizia has informed Almazbek Atambaev at a meeting with the chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
we have spent audit of old agreements between the Russian Federation and Kirghizia, a number of agreements is already signed, in particular with Gazprom - about readiness to realise 75 % Kyrgyzgaza and to give a number of deposits on working out - A.Atambaev has told.
Besides, Kirghizia will not increase a rent for a finding of the Russian military base in the territory. from our party questions of increase in a rent were put. Now we have removed them. We have decided that it is impossible to trade in safety of the country - has declared A.Atambaev.
in territory of Kirghizia four objects of Armed forces of Russia settle down: Air base in a city the Edging, a communication centre Military - marine sea fleet (Navy) of the Russian Federation in village Chaldovar, torpedno - the test centre on Issyk - the Sack and seismological station in the city of Majli - Suu.
Also today V.Putin has declared that Russia can grant in the near future to Kirghizia the interest-free loan for 30 million dollars Now terms of transaction are co-ordinated.