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The head of IMF: the World economy has receded from the razor`s edge

World economy has receded from the razor`s edge and shows restoration signs in an eurozone and the USA, but high level of a state debt in the developed countries and a rise in prices for power resources remain key risk factors. Such opinion has stated the head of the International currency fund (IMF) Kristin Lagard, acting in Beijing.
the world economy can be on a way to restoration, but the right to an error is not present also space for maneuver is strongly limited - K.Lagard which words transfers Reuters has told.
She has paid attention to improvement of macroeconomic indicators in the USA and on efforts of Europe on struggle against the Greek debt crisis as on proofs of correctness of the course chosen by the international community on counteraction to crisis.
as she said, Thanks to joint efforts the world economy has receded from the razor`s edge and at now there are reasons to be more optimistical . However optimism should not cause false sensation of safety. On - former there are scale economic and financial calls with which we should consult - has underlined the head of IMF.
K.Lagard has addressed to the developed countries with an appeal to continue to spend the balanced tax policy, reforms of financial sector, and also structural and institutsionalny reforms. Developing countries, as she said, should keep high rates of economic growth, however thus not to suppose an overheat economy.