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Newsweek has taken offence at dismissal of journalists “ Results “

the American magazine Newsweek stops the cooperation with magazine “ Results “. As the radio station " informs; Echo Moscow “ about it it is told in official statement Newsweek which has arrived in radio station edition. In statement Newsweek it is said that “ from Moscow serious and rather distressing information on changes in magazine " arrives; Results “. At present Newsweek stops the cooperation with “ Results “: “ We will make the decision when the situation will clear up “.
we Will remind, yesterday those who works in “ Results “ have not started up for work in edition which settles down in a publishing house building “ Seven days “. Protection has prevented an input of workers of magazine in publishing house. It has appeared that all employees “ Results “ are dismissed on grounds of redundancy. It declared to the former editor-in-chief Parhomenko. However, in a staff department have noticed that with a number of employees the new contract will be signed.
already it became known that will be with magazine. To head the edition have expressed fulfilling duties of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper “ Today “ Cyril Dybsky fulfilling its duties zama Loginov, Ditjakin and a number of other employees “ Today “. Anyway, but the new issue of the magazine leaves in the put term.
it is necessary to notice that yesterday the newspaper “Today“ also has been closed. The Editor-in-chief of radio station “ Echo Moscow “ Alexey Venediktov has not excluded that in due course the fate " can comprehend radio station; Today “ and “ Results “. As Venediktov, at " has underlined; Gazprom “ 25 % of actions of radio station, 38 % - at “ Media - the Bridge “ and 33 % - at journalists. “ however, it is not excluded that in three months of 25 % of the actions put “ Media - the Bridge “ will pass to “ to Gazprom “ - Alexey Venediktov has told.