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The Duma has supported import to Russia nuclear fuel

Today the Duma in the second reading has supported the bill according to which to Russia import of the irradiated nuclear fuel is authorised. For bill acceptance About entering of addition into article 50 of the Law of RSFSR About protection of surrounding environment has voted 230, against - 116, has refrained - 5 deputies.
in the bill conditions and an order of realisation of commercial transactions on storage and processing of radioactive materials of a foreign extraction (obligatory carrying out of state expert appraisal, maintenance of ecological safety and so forth) make a reservation. It is thus taken into consideration prioritetnost the rights to return or provide returning of the radioactive waste formed after processing in State of origin of radioactive materials.
the Order of import OJAT on territory of the Russian Federation, according to the bill, is established by the government of the Russian Federation, proceeding from main principles of protection of surrounding environment and economic interests of a society. In financially - an economic justification presented to the bill, it is noticed that as a result of expansion of a spectrum of services in the reference with OJAT Russia can potentially earn from 2001 for 2010 over 20 billion dollars. Direct tax revenues in federal and regional budgets will make, by estimations of developers of the document, to 3,3 billion.
also the State Duma has accepted today in the second reading the bill on special ecological programs of rehabilitation radiatsionno - the polluted regions Russian Federations financed at the expense of receipts from the foreign trade operations with irradiated nuclear fuel. Financing of actions for rehabilitation of the polluted areas is made from means of target budgetary Fund of the ministry of the Russian Federation on the atomic energy, formed at the expense of currency receipts from commercial operations with the irradiated nuclear fuel.
financing is carried out including at the expense of the operations connected with tenancy teplovydeljajushchih of assemblages of nuclear reactors, and also import on territory of Russia of nuclear fuel for its time storage and processing. In this respect important that today the Duma has accepted in the second reading the bill giving the right to legal bodies on realisation of commercial transactions from one of versions of radioactive materials - teplovydeljajushchimi assemblages of nuclear reactors (TVS) on conditions grazhdansko - legal contracts, including leasing.
Offered expansion of kinds of activity with use of nuclear materials, is told in the explanatory note to the bill, does not bear threat of ecological safety of the state and does not contradict norms of the Russian legislation and the Constitution according to which, the nuclear power is in conducting Russia.
the minister of atomic engineering Alexander Rumjantsev was present today at session in which course the major projects of laws in the given sphere were considered. He has unequivocally declared that Russia will not be transformed into a nuclear dump . As he said, burial places of a radioactive waste will not be . Also he has declared that there will be no also burial places the irradiated fuel .