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The Central Bank has confirmed a policy concerning rouble

the Politician of the Central bank of Russia will be directed on maintenance in the country of stability of national currency. Victor Melnikov has told about it and other aspects of activity of the Central Bank the vice-president of bank.
as he said, stability of national currency is a primary factor of trust of the population to the state. During the current year a rouble exchange rate in relation to dollar Victor Melnikov will not exceed level in 30 rbl. for 1 dollars has expressed confidence that the Central Bank will not admit sharp rate fluctuations of rouble.
the management of the Central bank declared recently intention to give the chance Russian citizens to open accounts in the banks located behind borders of Russia. Millers has confirmed the specified intention of the Central Bank, but has expressed doubt that this decision will do good to the Russian bank system. According to Melnikova, it can lead to outflow of means from accounts of the Russian banks.
Nevertheless in the Central Bank the working group on working out of the document regulating opening of accounts of the Russian citizens abroad will be created. The group is created together with the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection. With tax specialists it is required to stipulate conditions at which citizens of the Russian Federation will notify tax departments on opening of accounts abroad.
according to the Central bank, the non-return of the currency gain arriving from export of the Russian goods, in 2000 has made 2,3 %. From 75 % of a currency gain which according to the law exporters should sell at a stock exchange, only 72 % actually are on sale. Victor Melnikov has noticed that 1,5 - 2 % of a currency gain exporters do not sell according to the various privileges given by it by the state.
the volume of an export gain for the past year has made 103 mlrd the dollars, however all this volume has been paid by US dollars: a part - in a rouble equivalent, and a part - on barter. Besides, some part of the Russian export was processed outside of customs territory of the Russian Federation. Thus, by Central Bank calculations, the volume of a currency gain for 2000 has made nearby 80 mlrd dollars from which it has been sold 59,6 mlrd dollars.