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Ukraine can lease gas storehouses

the Secretary of National Security council and defence of Ukraine Anatoly Kins does not exclude possibility of tenancy of the Ukrainian underground storehouses of gas.
it has made such statement today in Warsaw, answering questions of journalists after negotiations with fulfilling duties of the chairman of Bureau of national safety of Poland Andrzej Urbansky, have informed in a press - service of the secretary of National Security council and defence of Ukraine.
Ukraine will go on such steps, as rent of gas storehouses, optimisation of payment for storage of natural gas in storehouses on the basis of modern standards - A.Kinah has told. At the same time he has underlined that Ukraine does not plan to transfer in control neither gas-transport system, nor underground gas storehouses. in Ukraine enough effective managers and experts effectively to operate the Ukrainian gas-transport system and storehouses - he has added.
we have agreed to strengthen mutual cooperation in formation of transport power corridors for deliveries of the Caspian oil to Europe - A.Kinah to journalists after a meeting with representatives of the Polish party has told. we intend to unite efforts on formation in Europe the modern transparent market of energy carriers on the basis of a market competition equal in rights that demands very serious interaction on a diversification of deliveries of energy carriers to Europe - the secretary of the Ukrainian Security Council has noted.
one of A.Kinah`s priority projects named deliveries of energy carriers from republics of the Central Asia to Europe on the basis of transit possibilities of Ukraine and Poland. He also has underlined that work on this project demands consolidation of efforts not only Ukraine, Poland, EU, but also Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and some other states.
we Will remind also that before premieres - the minister of Ukraine J.Ehanurov declared plans of scale reconstruction of the Ukrainian gas-transport system. we count that for 5 years our gas-transport system becomes modern - J.Ehanurov has declared. As he said, in underground storehouses of gas in the near future it is planned to enclose about 100 million dollars Thus the Ukrainian resource in them will increase for three years twice, or on 16 - 18 mlrd cubic m.
J.Ehanurov also has informed that transit of the Russian gas to Europe in 2006. Will exceed 110 mlrd cubic m, whereas in 2005. It has made 121,5 mlrd cubic m.