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On development of a transport infrastructure of Sochi the Total sum of expenses for development of a transport infrastructure of Sochi, according to the federal target program (FTSP) " will leave 125,6 mlrd rbl.

; the Development of the city of Sochi as is mountain - a climatic resort on 2006 - 2014γγ. “ makes 125,6 mlrd rbl.
About it, acting today at the first session of the estimated commission of the International Olympic committee in Sochi, head MERT has informed the Russian Federation Herman Gref. It has reminded that total amount FTSP makes 314 mlrd rbl.
According to the minister, the basic expenses FTSP (40 %) have on a transport infrastructure which includes building and modernisation of the Sochi airport, automobile and the railways. G.Gref has underlined that as a result of privatisation of the airport of Sochi in 2006γ. The federal budget has received more than 200 million dollars
“ We have received as well the powerful investor who since second day has begun the active investment program on airport modernisation “ - the minister has told. He also has informed that in 2007γ. Building take-off - a landing strip at the airport will be finished. This strip, G.Gref has underlined, will be the advanced in Russia and will give the chance to accept all types of planes, including new air bus ΐ380.
Also in 2007γ. Installation of the aeronavigation equipment at the airport of Sochi that will make it " will be finished; all-weather “. “ the Airport of Sochi will be one of the best air harbours of the country “ - the minister has told. Full modernisation of the airport, including re-equipment of all terminals, as he said, will be finished in 2008γ.
At the same time the minister has noticed that the basic arisen problem in program realisation on development of Sochi is the ecological question. “ Existing position in a city in the ecological plan adversely, is required substantial improvement of all complex of emissions in environment “ - G.Gref has underlined. He also has informed that work on improvement of an ecological situation in a city is conducted already throughout two years. “ we have put an environmental problem in the centre of our attention “ - G.Gref has noted.
the minister has underlined that within current year working out of all design - the budget documentation on a construction of all Olympic objects and objects of an infrastructure will be finished. All documentation will be developed according to ecological norms. Everything, according to the minister, it will be constructed about 200 objects of an infrastructure, including 15 Olympic sports objects.
the total sum of the federal target program (FTSP) on development of Sochi makes 314 mlrd rbl., of them of 60 % - public funds, and 40 % - private investments. According to Gref, after in 2006γ. Tunnel building in the Red Glade has been finished, there was a competition between private investors on participation in FTSP on building of sports objects.