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Every month in the Russian Federation the Volume of fictitious operations on cashing in of means in the Russian Federation is fictitiously cashed from 50 to 80 mlrd rbl.

makes from 50 to 80 mlrd rbl. a month. Such estimation has given during parliamentary hearings in the State Duma the chairman of Bank of Russia Sergey Ignatyev.
as he said, the volume of transfer of means to non-residents makes of Russia 3 - 4 mlrd dollars a month. by my conservative estimates, the total amount of illegal cashing in of means makes 1,5 - 2 trln rbl. a year, thus losses of the budget of the Russian Federation and off-budget funds make from 500 to 800 mlrd rbl. a year - S.Ignatyev has told. Thus he has specified that recently the quantity of such transactions is reduced.
according to the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, monthly in Russia 2 thousand new legal bodies is created. According to Federal customs service of the Russian Federation, half from them is created for realisation of schemes on evasion from payment of taxes and other illegal schemes, he has noted.
With. Ignatyev also has informed that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation supports the initiative of change in the legislation, granting the right to the credit organisations to refuse to the client account opening, and also to terminate the contract unilaterally at suspicion in carrying out of fictitious transactions by the client.
he has noticed that such right of banks corresponds to the standard practice in the world. According to S.Ignatyev, at an initial stage of commissioning of respective alterations it is possible to grant the right to banks to refuse opening of accounts or to terminate contracts only in relation to clients - to legal bodies.
S.Ignatyev also has underlined that a serious problem in struggle against legalisation of the means received by a criminal way, is absence of base of void passports of citizens. In its opinion, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Federal migratory service it is time to create such database and to provide to it access to the credit organisations.
According to the head of the Central Bank, for those persons who supervise pseudo-banks (the banks which are engaged in fictitious operations), such concepts as the trust and reputation, mean nothing . the Given banks represent serious system risk for bank system - he has underlined.