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Volkswagen net profit has grown in 2,5 times

Net profit of the largest European motor-car manufacturer, German concern of Volkswagen AG for 2006. Has grown in 2,5 times.
the company profit has increased to 2,75 mlrd euro in comparison with 1,12 mlrd the euro, received for the similar period year before, is informed in the financial report of the company published today.
Volkswagen gain for a fiscal year has increased by 11,6 % and has made 104,9 mlrd euro against 94 mlrd euro in 2005. Operational profit of the company following the results of 2006. Has reached 2,01 mlrd euro and it has appeared below a corresponding indicator 2005., fixed on a mark 2,54 mlrd euro, on 20,8 %.
Volkswagen connects the received financial results with increase in demand at company production.
we will notice that despite successful sales, at the company in 2006. There were serious problems with quality of cars. From - for the revealed malfunctions in the end 2006. Volkswagen has declared a response more than 300 thousand cars of series Passat. From them 130 thousand have been withdrawn from the German market, 65 thousand more - from the USA and Canada. After Volkswagen has revealed a number of malfunctions at 2 thousand 700 cars of mark Passat which were on sale in Russia.