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The arbitration court recognised VIP - the bank the bankrupt

Arbitration court of Moscow recognised as Open Society bankrupt VIP - bank . The competitive managing director following the results of trial appoints Agency on insurance of contributions.
for participation in business about bankruptcy on today`s session shareholders of bank have been admitted. They petitioned for that the legal investigation has been postponed for 45 days. This term was necessary, as they said, for reception from Great Britain of documents on two companies which have brought into court declarations of abandonment of the requirements to VIP - to bank for the sum of 355,8 million rbl.
In turn representatives of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and acting administration VIP - bank have opposed satisfactions of this statement. Lawyers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation have presented to court the information that one of these companies has been liquidated on November, 21st 2006., and another is in a liquidation stage.
the License for realisation of bank operations has been withdrawn at VIP - bank on June, 16th last year. Such decision was accepted in connection with default of the federal laws regulating bank activity, and also statutory acts of Bank of Russia, numerous infringement within one year of the requirements provided by item 7 (except for item 7 item 3) FZ About counteraction to legalisation (washing up) of the incomes received by a criminal way, and terrorism financing and considering numerous within one year application of the measures provided FZ About the Central bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) .
In January 2007. Former head VIP - bank Alexey Frenkel has been detained. It is suspected of the organisation of murder of the first deputy of the chairman of the board of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Andrey Kozlova. On the versions of the investigation, the given crime it has been connected with the decision on a response at licence bank.