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The militia has spent searches at the largest Russian advertiser

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have conducted the day before a search in the central office of the operator of outdoor advertising largest in Russia - companies News Outdoor Russia (NOR), informs Kommersant .
Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs financial documents of the company interested. It was declared the director for corporate communications NOR by Natalia Semin. as they said, it was not the search, and survey - she has told.
according to the edition, survey spent department of economic safety (DEB) the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Thus in a press - to service DEB have declared that know nothing about an event in NOR. Probably, action spent any operatively - search bureau or territorial division of militia - have assumed in department. In UBEP the Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs and OBEP the western district also have informed that do not own the information on searches in News Outdoor.
In the company have found it difficult to specify, with what searches at the central office are connected. In NOR have excluded any interrelation of seizure of documents with the requirement of capital committee of advertising to pay in the city budget of 382,651 million rbl. (about 16 million dollars) the half-received payments.
with 2002. NOR paid only 10 % of rent for 300 boards of a format 3 h 6 m with which the city has allocated the Moscow association of the organisations of a chemical complex ( Assohim ) . That has transferred the rights to installation of designs and their operation NOR on favourable terms. In exchange NOR should place advertising materials in support of a capital chemical complex.
however central administrative board gosfinkontrolja the governments of Moscow in 2007. Has found out that the operator has not placed any material on these subjects. According to the chairman of capital committee Vladimir Makarova`s advertising, disagreements with NOR dare a civilised way. we now prepare the claim in arbitration court. For us it is usual practice, through court we try to collect debts on rent from the several companies - it has explained.
according to the newspaper, interest also could cause in law enforcement bodies and business supervised NOR the companies mosgorreklama (specialises on advertising placing on peretjazhkah). During check of capital committee of advertising in the autumn 2007. The central administrative board gosfinkontrolja has revealed the governments of Moscow, along with debts NOR for the sum of 382,7 million the rbl., also that fact that mosgorreklama last years pays in the budget of only 50 % of a rent.
the size of an underpay in the budget, by estimates of checking, V.Makarov has made 140 million rbl. has informed on the questions which have arisen following the results of check to mosgorreklame . However it does not know that finally NOR any claims have been shown, he has told.
in NOR are assured that the company became a victim of an unfair competition. no claims at state structures to the company are present - assures N.Semin. Besides, she has found it difficult to name the initiator of check.
under brand News Outdoor Group the Dutch company News Out of Home B V. (NOOH), belonging News Corp works. On 100 % and operating group actives in the Eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel, India and Jugo - East Asia. NOOH 73 % of company Media Support Services (MSS), working under brand News Outdoor Russia also own. Minoritarijami MSS participants of the market name a top - managers of the company, including Maxim Tkacheva. By data ESPAR - the Analyst for December 2007., in Russia to the company belongs to 34,85 thousand surfaces of different formats, from them in Moscow - 11,655 thousand Gain NOR in 2007 ESPAR - the Analyst estimates in 270 million dollars
in the Summer 2007. News Corp. Declared that intend to involve in News Outdoor Group the investor, having sold a part of the package. One of potential buyers - fund TPG - has estimated all NOG in 1,65 mlrd dollars However the companies made at the central office searches can negatively affect its cost.