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Vtorchermety will check up on a radio-activity

In the near future the enterprises which are engaged in a meltdown of scrap metal, the train of checks waits from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FNS. With the corresponding offer to these structures head Rostehnadzora Konstantin Pulikovski has addressed.
necessity of checks is caused by threat of distribution of radioactive production on territory of the country. As have informed to the Russian newspaper in a press - service Rostehnadzora, during the recent checks spent by department, in shops of the largest metallurgical enterprises a significant amount of the radioactive scrap metal intended for a meltdown has been revealed. Concern of employees of Rostehnadzora is connected by that given production can be used further in building and life sphere. The melted metal can go on manufacturing as frying pans and pans, and armature and pipes.
Opasenija Rostehnadzora are divided also by other public service directly related to maintenance of radiating control, - Rospotrebnadzor. According to this department, last year the overwhelming majority of cases of revealing of sources of ionising radiation has been connected with scrap metal.
arrives it is radioactive the polluted metal and from - for a boundary, - mark in Federal customs service of Russia. - and quantity of attempts to import dangerous production year by year only increases . Thereupon FTS made active efforts on equipment of points of control by the necessary equipment. In particular, recently all check points of the Belgorod customs have been equipped by stationary systems of detection of sharing and radioactive materials of type Amber . Now employees of the Belgorod customs have at the order of 28 systems of the automated radiating control and about 200 portable dosimetric devices.
in 2008 to strengthen a radioactive barrier it is planned and on Kamchatka: here will establish 10 systems of type Amber . In a press - service of Far East customs office notice that more often in number radiatsionno dangerous objects there are building materials, scrap metal, various household appliances.
however the greatest quantity of cases of illegal crossing of border is fixed by radioactive materials not in the east, and in the south of the country. According to Southern customs office, only last year 2300 attempts of transportation radiatsionno dangerous cargoes, including especially large parties, among them 14 cars and 2 ship parties of a breakage of ferrous metals here have been prevented. And in the summer the Rostov customs officers managed to detain party of radioactive pipes of the Ukrainian manufacture intending for one of the Russian agricultural productions.
thereupon FTS plans to increase equipment Southern THAT sensors DRM. One of these days the company Antiradiation has declared intention to put in 2008 over 1,5 thousand devices of radiating control then as it is marked in a press - company release, equipment of Southern customs both stationary, and a portable equipment considerably will raise . According to the general director of the company Victor Soloveva, Southern THAT it is represented the most priority direction that is substantially defined by presence of the general border with Ukraine. Mass-media repeatedly informed on the facts of detention of the Ukrainian cargoes, first of all metal products, with excess of admissible norm of radioactive radiation .
According to experts, simultaneous strengthening of control from supervising bodies both in the country, and on its borders which necessity was declared by Konstantin Pulikovski, should lower considerably probability of hit on home market of radioactive metal.