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To Cuba economic changes

the Cuban leader Fidel Castro expect declared on February, 19th the resignation from a post of the chairman of the State Council, Ministerial council and the commander-in-chief Armed forces of Cuba. This statement of the president of Cuba, according to many political scientists, testifies to the beginning of political changes in republic, transfers Reuters.
However the majority of analysts notice that resignation of the Cuban leader which half a century was in power practically, will cause only change of an economic course of the country, but in any way a political mode.
it is possible to tell that Fidel Castro has ceased to correct the state still one and a half years ago as duties of the head of the state were executed actually by Fidel`s brother - Raul Castro who, most likely, and becomes the following president of republic. Raul Castro speaks for a long time already about necessity of economic reforms for the country, in particular about increase of salaries and building of new habitation. He also has promised to spend structural changes in agricultural branch.
most likely, the republic political policy the next years will not undergo essential changes, but, probably, the important economic problems which occurrence is connected with strong tsentralizovannostju managements and absence of economic freedom " will be solved; - the expert across Cuba Lexington Institute of Fil Piters marks.
the Majority of economists also expect that in the nearest some months the Cuban government will accept some laws directed on change of an economic course of the country. However fundamental changes which will promote transition of Cuba from the state economy on market while nobody expects.
F.Kastro`s resignation also has led to growth of activity of opposition which is officially forbidden as now the ruling and unique resolved party of the country is the Communist party of Cuba. For example, known Cuban dissident Osvaldo Paja, notices that it is a turning-point for republic. Cuba wants changes, people want changes - he has added.
it is necessary to notice that a situation in Cuba watch closely in the USA counting that leaving from Fidel Castro`s political arena promotes falling unfriendly to Washington of the mode existing since 1959. And US president George Bush notices that Fidel Castro`s leaving in resignation from a post of the chairman of the State Council and the commander-in-chief Armed forces of Cuba becomes the transition period beginning in this country, the leader to democracy.
the American leader has expressed hope that F.Kastro`s resignation will allow to hold a free and fair election in Cuba. The USA throughout several decades unsuccessfully tried to dethrone the Cuban leader and, according to F.Kastro, CIA some times prepared attempts at it. With leaving from policy F. Castros of the USA count on falling of the unfriendly mode existing with 1959.