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Inflation in the Russian Federation for 2 months 2008. Can make 3 %

Inflation in the Russian Federation following the results of January - February 2008. Can make about 3 %, Sergey Shatalov has declared zamglavy the Ministry of Finance of Russia. Following the results of the last month inflation has made 2,2 %.
Thus, according to S.Shatalov, achievement of the reconsidered annual indicator on inflation in 8,5 % is an uneasy problem for the government.
Zamglavy of the Ministry of Finance named inflation by enough serious problem of the Russian economy, having reminded that following the results of 2007. It has made 11,9 % instead of the planned 8,5 %. At the same time other macroeconomic indicators in the Russian Federation look optimistically enough, S.Shatalov has noted.
as a whole the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development and trade recognise that inflation is one of key problems of the Russian economy. Sounding plans MERT on national economy development, its chapter Elvira Nabiullina has told that in 2008. Department intends to pay much attention to its restraint. Thus the minister has underlined special necessity for the inflation prevention.
we will notice that in the Ministry of Finance consider achievable in 2008. A rate of inflation in 8,5 %.
On the other hand, according to experts, inflation following the results of 2008. Will grow to 12 - 15 %. They expect the basic growth in the first half of the year 2008., in the second half of the year rates of increase of inflation will be slowed down.
in connection with inflation growth, in the beginning of February of this year the government has disposed to form interdepartmental working group on program preparation on decrease in rates of increase of consumer prices. By its head the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin is appointed. The given decision is connected by that consumer prices in 2007. In Russia have grown on 9,3 %, in comparison with 7,5 % year before.