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Sale of gasoline of the standard Euro - 2 will forbid since 2009

Automobile gasoline and the diesel fuel corresponding to standards Euro - 2 it will be possible to refuel in territory of Russia only till December, 31st 2008.
As the deputy minister of the industry and power Andrey Dementyev has informed today to journalists, it is provided by the project of technical regulations About requirements to automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and ship fuel, fuel for jet engines and to top internal black oil which will be considered at government session on February, 21st 2008.
the Document establishes that automobile gasoline and diesel fuel of the standard Euro - 3 will be issued till December, 31st 2009., Euro - 4 - till December, 31st 2013. The restrictions, concerning manufacture and release in the reference of gasoline and standard fuel Euro - 5 it is not established.
According to A.Dementyev, the regulations assumes unification of requirements to fuel with criteria on exhausts and also unification with the European norms in the given sphere.
the deputy minister has informed that the offered regulations contain some withdrawals. In particular to 2011. Release of gasoline with lower oktanovym number will be resolved, than it is provided by regulations for corresponding years. However under other requirements let out gasoline should correspond to the established standards. Also the exception is made for gosoboronzakaza: the state can order the gasoline which is not meeting the requirements of regulations at the enterprises. A.Dementyev has explained that such necessity can arise at maintenance with military technology fuel.
Besides, the stocks made Rosrezervom to the introduction of regulations in force, can be on sale in the market within five years.
we Will add that the experts interrogated, in connection with the given innovations adhere to the most various positions.
as the head has informed a press - services NK LUKOIL Dmitry Dolgov, the decision on the reference termination in territory of Russia with 2009. Automobile gasoline and the diesel fuel corresponding to standards Euro - 2 it will not be reflected negatively in marketing activity of the company. Oil refining factories of LUKOIL already make diesel fuel of the standard Euro - 4 and standard gasoline Euro - 3 . The company spends modernisation of the marketing enterprises, therefore for LUKOIL will not be a problem with 2009. To translate the NPZ on manufacture of oil products only standards above Euro - 3 .
Reaction of the market to new technical regulations should be positive. Many obligations, including on demand to oil products, procedure of the introduction into the World Trade Organization (WTO) " imposes to Russia; - the director for development and marketing ITS " has declared; CORTES Pavel Strokov, making comments on the arrived information on fuel innovations.
as to manufacturers of gasoline, they, according to the expert, will be laid down in conditions at which they simply have no place to disappear. to us dictate these conditions manufacturers of cars who let out more and more technically advanced production - P.Strokov has told, having added that many foreign motor-car manufacturers open manufactures in territory of Russia.
the expert has specified that the new technical regulations are known enough, its requirements are not an innovation, the majority of oil refining factories (NPZ) in the Russian Federation have already adjusted release benizinov the standard Euro . P.Strokov has underlined that Essentially complicate life the new document can mini - NPZ, working in regions. The equipment at such enterprises simply is not capable to let out gasolines of appropriate level .
In turn, analyst IK Antanta - the Capital Timur Hajrullin considers that the technical regulations project mentions some groups of interests: on the one hand - consumers, and also the authorities of Moscow which lobbied this project, because in capital the greatest concentration of cars; on the other hand are oil companies which should make oil products of appropriate quality. The third group of interests are motor-car manufacturers that their cars satisfied to standards, they should have corresponding engines and the other equipment .
He notices that the Moscow authorities and a number of the oil companies most actively developing a segment of processing, are interested in these technical regulations. Among oil industry workers it is a question of LUKOIL, Rosneft and oil Gazprom . At the expense of new technical regulations they can increase the share of the market and probably raise profitability from realisation of oil products because with transition to higher standards the price of oil products " will increase also;.
T.Hajrullin concludes that motor-car manufacturers as they should debug manufacture under release of gasolines of demanded level counteract the document. decision influence in relation to various subjects of the market differentiated, but lobbist potential of the oil companies, ecologists and the Moscow authorities above. Therefore the project will be entered, motor-car manufacturers should be arranged - he speaks.
as have noted in Open Society Moscow NPZ in the Moscow region all suppliers of gasoline and diesel fuel have passed to the standard Euro - 3 since January, 1st 2007. Sootvestvujushchee postavnovlenija it has been signed by the government of Moscow in connection with the big transport congestion and a city gassed condition. Itself MNPZ, providing about 60 % of the market of motor fuel of Moscow, makes holiday of production to capital according to the standard Euro - 3 (on an ecological component), and to the Russian regions - Euro - 2 .
we Will remind, it agree to the factory data, in 2007. MNPZ has made 2 million 254 thousand t. Autogasoline, from this volume under the standard Euro - 2 it is made 715,5 thousand t.
In MNPZ have reminded that originally planned transition on Euro - 3 from the beginning 2008. Has been postponed for a year in connection with unavailability of engines of the majority of the Russian cars to use of more quality fuel. it is possible to fill in and Euro - 3 but actually ecological norms in sootvestvii with this standard will not be observed - representative MNPZ has noted.