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Debt Petrogas of Ukraine for the Russian gas the Total sum recognised and not paid NAK " exceeds $758 million

; Petrogas of Ukraine a debt for the Russian gas exceeds 758 million doll, informs Joint-Stock Company UkrGaz - Energo . The company has called Petrogas of Ukraine and separate representatives of the government not to politize process of returning of debts.
Joint-Stock Company UkrGazEnergo repeatedly informed on the official position and steadily to it adheres: according to requirements of statutory acts of the Cabinet of Ukraine, the company has no right free of charge to deliver natural gas and makes out its transfer to day of transfer of means - it is told in the message.
such approach completely answers a position proclaimed management NAK Petrogas of Ukraine that any document cannot be signed backdating . In particular the acceptance report - transfers of natural gas for the 898 million sum grn (177,8 million dollars) Joint-Stock Company UkrGaz - Energo has given NAK Petrogas of Ukraine on February, 19th 2008. In 45 minutes after reception of means. In the present document is not present nonexistent things and the volume and cost of natural gas is accurately defined.
enterprises NAK Petrogas of Ukraine and have not extinguished more than 560 million grn (110,0 million dollars) Debt which is confirmed by corresponding certificates still in 2007.
we Will remind that Open Society Gazprom and NAK Petrogas of Ukraine on February, 12th 2008. At intervention of presidents of the Russian Federation and Ukraine Vladimir Putin and Victor Yushchenko have resolved the next gas conflict. It has arisen on February, 7th from - for debts of Ukraine for the put gas which have led to Gazprom ultimatum about possible reduction of deliveries in the country. As of February, 1st 2007. NAK Petrogas of Ukraine has run into debt to Gazprom for the used gas 1 mlrd 450 million dollars
According to the reached arrangements, NAK Petrogas of Ukraine should extinguish debts for gas and issue documentary raw materials reception. V.Jushchenko and V.Putin have agreed that since February, 14th 2008. Ukraine will start to pay off for the gas consumed since November of last year till January in 2008. Petrogas of Ukraine Last week in debts payment has listed almost 104 million dollars After the separate order of the Ukrainian president on these purposes it has been directed in addition 178 million dollars more