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V.Yakunin: the Central Bank has aggravated crisis in Russia

the President of Open Society the Russian railways (Russian Railway) Vladimir Yakunin has acted with criticism of actions of Bank of Russia which, in its opinion, have aggravated consequences of financial crisis for the country.
the head of the Russian Railway has given interview to service BBC World Service in which has declared that the Central Bank should prevent obremenenie the Russian companies debts against foreign banks.
I believe that the Central bank should orient is better in a situation when loans before the Russian banks decreased, and foreign credits grew - V.Yakunin has told. As he said, the Central Bank has ignored this problem and has let out it from - under control.
by estimates of Bi - bi - si, for years of oil boom the external debts of the Russian corporate sector have grown almost to 500 mlrd dollars the Most part make debts before the western financial institutions. Let`s remind, by data on the beginning 2009. The external public debt of Russia made 39 mlrd dollars, thus a corporate debt considerably exceeded this sum.
such large debt, according to V.Yakunin, has in many respects arisen from - for the credits taken by the private companies abroad. on the one hand, it is the liberal approach, in any sense natural, and it can be pleasant to someone. On the other hand, taking into account a present situation, the Central Bank should enter certain regulation concerning the sizes of foreign loans and their conditions - V.Yakunin has declared.
earlier this week V.Yakunin has urged the Central Bank to enter currency regulation that the currency which is spent for rouble exchange rate support, remained on accounts in Russia into interview to the western mass-media, instead of appeared abroad. That will be allocated for support of the Russian economy 200 mlrd dollars, the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has informed in November of last year.