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UBS hands over clients: on turn more than 50 thousand persons

the American authorities are ready to strike the next blow to the Swiss bank system which until recently was famous for faultless observance of bank secret. The Ministry of Justice of the USA has submitted again the claim to federal court, having demanded from bank UBS AG to open the confidential given 52 thousand its American clients.
the authorities of the United States assert that accounts of these persons in UBS were nezadeklarirovany and could be used for evasion from payment of taxes. Actives which thus have left from the taxation, are estimated by Ministry of Justice of the USA in 14,8 mlrd dollars, it is marked in the judicial documents which have appeared at the disposal of Associated Press.
in July 2008. The American court has approved inquiry of Fiscal administration of the USA about audit of 17 thousand well-founded Americans in UBS. The authorities have accused the Swiss bank of complicity to evasion from taxes after the former banker UBS admitted that employees of bank helped clients to hide the actives from tax specialists. According to Ministry of Justice of the USA, from - under the taxation it has been deduced 20 mlrd dollars that has deprived the budget of the USA of 300 million dollars
The day before bank UBS management has agreed to pay to Ministry of Justice of the USA the penalty in 780 million dollars, and also to declassify data on 250 owners of the accounts suspected by the American authorities in non-payment of taxes. Under laws of the USA, citizens should give in tax service the data about all foreign accounts exceeding 10 thousand dollars to Infringers penalties to 50 % of the sum on not registered account threaten. Meanwhile withdrawal of means from the taxation in Switzerland a crime is not.
UBS - the most bank which has suffered from crisis of Europe which has received in last year a record loss in the Swiss history in 17 mlrd dollars UBS pays in the USA very much, however the market waited that settlement will manage to bank in 1,7 mlrd dollars - has noted daily analyst Helvea Peter Torn. However, marks the edition, the transaction with the American justice can strike blow to all bank sector of Switzerland as calls into question into inviolability of bank secret in the country on which it is necessary more third of market offshore benkinga, estimated in 7 trln dollars