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The Council of Federation has approved toughening of requirements to the capital of banks

the Federation Council has approved the law on stage-by-stage increase of requirements to the minimum size of the capital of banks.
the law About modification of the federal law About banks and bank activity establishes that if the size of the capital of bank as of January, 1st 2007. Was less than 90 million rbl. the bank is obliged to finish the size of own means till the specified size by January, 1st 2010., and by January, 1st 2012. - to 180 million rbl.
For the credit organisations petitioning for expansion of activity by granting of the licence for fulfilment of bank operations in roubles and foreign currency, attraction in contributions of money resources physical and legal bodies, the minimum size of own means increases from operating 5 million euro to 900 million rbl.
For again registered not bank credit organisations, having the right to carry out calculations on the instructions of legal bodies, including banks - correspondents under their bank accounts, the minimum size of the capital increases from 0,5 million euro to 90 million rbl.
As it was marked in the explanatory note to the document, as of July, 1st 2008. The quantity of operating banks made 1 thousand 080, from them 329 banks have the capital less than 180 million rbl., 175 banks - less than 90 million rbl. On a share of the first banks is necessary 0,7 % of actives on operating banks, 0,6 % of loan debts, 0,7 % of contributions of physical persons, 0,9 % of means of legal bodies. The size of contributions to them makes 42,1 mlrd rbl., from them are subject to insurance 41,8 mlrd rbl., responsibility of Agency on insurance of contributions (ASV) makes 25,1 mlrd rbl. On a share of the second 0,2 % of actives on operating banks, 0,1 % of loan debts, 0,2 % of contributions of physical persons, 0,3 % of means of legal bodies are necessary. The size of contributions to them makes 9,4 mlrd rbl., from them is subject to insurance 9,3 mlrd rbl., thus the size of responsibility ASV on the specified banks the Initiator of the bill, the head of profile committee of the State Duma Vladislav Reznik will make 6,1 mlrd rbl.
, making comments on the document, has underlined that the offered bill is not directed on reduction of quantity of the credit organisations. the law, in case of its acceptance, will serve as stimulus for consolidation and increase in capitalisation of bank system next three years - the deputy is assured. He also has noticed that realisation of norms of the bill will approach level of capitalisation of the Russian banks to world and European standards.