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D.Medvedev: the Economy of the Russian Federation should not fall below a plinth

the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has warned against danger of falling of national economy below a plinth . At a meeting with the governor of the Irkutsk region Igor Esipovsky the head of the state has noticed that if now to fall below a plinth, below any level then it is possible to come up against the same situation as in 1990 - e .
According to D.Medvedev, it is categorically inadmissible the radio station " transfers; the Beacon . The president has paid attention that Russia in the future should leave a current crisis state with the least losses that it was not necessary to lift anew real sector as it occurred in 1990 - e after disorder of Soviet Union .
Such scenario is unacceptable, and we should think of keeping manufacture and the basic workplaces - the president has concluded.
Thus it has subjected to the sharp criticism the country leaders for very slow work unacceptable for crisis . The Head of the state has declared that world financial crisis proceeds also its apogee is not reached. As he said, Russia is now in very uneasy situation and should reconstruct the economy be ready to following crisis .
According to D.Medvedev, from all regions arrives the heavy information - to the majority of the enterprises credits are not accessible, the rate remains at level of 20 % and above . Actives of the companies have depreciated, but banks, naturally, demand 100 - percentage mortgaging maintenance - he has specified.
we discussed this problem with the government, business and one of decisions which has been found, - granting of state support in the form of the guarantees covering about 50 % of the credit - D.Medvedev has continued. However rules of granting of guarantees have been confirmed several days ago - the head of the state has noted.
he has added that in the conditions of crisis by an essential element there is a state order, but placing of orders for federal needs, including on gosoboronzakazu, it is very strongly tightened . The president has regarded all it as not a problem of a macroeconomic order and not a consequence of complexities in a world financial system and as simply inability quickly and qualitatively to work .