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New members of EU have decided to rescue themselves

New members of EU, seemingly, do not count on the help of members of the European Union in struggle against an economic crisis. According to the European press, it causes desire of leaders of the East Europe countries to spend on March, 1st the mini - the summit on development of the general anti-recessionary strategy, the newspaper daily writes today.
the West European countries, despite sounding appeals about material aid to rescue economy of young democracies do not hasten, having concentrated on national anti-recessionary programs.
in the first day of spring in Bruxelles the meeting of prime ministers and presidents of Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia with head Evrokomisii Jose Manuelem Barroso will take place. And already after a dinner in EU capital the all-European anti-recessionary summit called at the initiative of Czechia will begin. Apparently, the new members of EU who most strongly has suffered from crisis, will try to convince other countries of the union to help them of the decision of economic problems.
we should make so that other countries of Europe have not stood aside from an event in our countries - the Polish minister of affairs of Europe has declared Mikolaj Dovgilevich. These states are assured that EU should render the financial help to the Eastern Europe and warn big banks against a conclusion therefrom the actives. Anyway, these theses last days have sounded at once some heads of the states and the region governments.
however experts doubt that the East Europe leaders will manage to achieve from Bruxelles of additional financing. it have already let know what to exceed limits of funds existing in EU intend nobody. In these frameworks the help will appear, but to count on additional financing it is not necessary - the expert of the German council about foreign policy Alexander Rar has informed.
A.Rara`s Assumption is confirmed also with words of the representative of Eurocommission on economic and financial questions of Hoakina Almunia which have informed that EU cannot give financial support at once to all countries of Eastern Europe, and its role in the help to them will be limited .